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Us Not Winning/making The Super Bowl May Help Us Cap Wise Going Forward?


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Does anybody think if Ryan had made and won the superbowl he would have gotten Drew Bread money considering he pretty much carried us to the Superbowl(would of been back to back clutch game winning drives if we had converted) And to think of were this franchise was 5 seasons ago and the contract Mr. Blank gave Vick its not to much to assume if Ryan had gave him a super bowl Blank would have wrote a blank check and gave Ryan what ever he was asking for.

And I'd rather seen us just win it all he'll get paid either way just not sure how much.

So what do you think Ryan's worth? I'd say right now I'd offer him a Aaron Rodgers type deal 6 years 65 mil or a Brady type deal 5 years 78 mil. I'll say after looking at what the other top QB's are earning the packers got one **** of a bargain with Rodgers. Something tells me Ryan's will wait tell next year or re up for something close to a 6 year 80-90 mil type deal.

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If we won the Superbowl I don't think any fan would care if MR (even people who aren't his fans or known on this board as "haters") got a contract that took all of the salary cap and we were screwed for the next 5 years in cap room.

It has been 48 years without a championship... I just want 1, I am not greedy I don't care if we have a dynasty just 1 ring will do.

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