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Props To The Underappreciated Roddy White - Average Stat Line The Last 6 Year - S 93 Catches, 1,295Yds An 8Tds Per Year


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Julio Jones is my son's favorite player and he is definitely exciting with potential to be great - he's a freak of an athlete.

Tony Gonzalez is a Hall-of-Famer and gets his glory as well - very celebrated in the media and rightfully so.

I think I am guilty - as are many of you - of overlooking the contributions of Roddy White - and he started to get it going even 1 year before Matt Ryan/Mike Smith/Dimitroff got here......

Roddy White: average stat line for last 6 years: 93 catches, 1,295 yds and 8 TDs

Calvin Johnson: average stat line last 6 years: 81 catches, 1,306yds and 9 TDs

Strictly from a statistics perspective - Roddy is every bit as productive as Calvin Johnson. I am not saying Roddy is as good as Calvin - but I am saying the gap is closer than what is mostly perceived in the media. I'm also saying because Roddy's game is not "super flashy" - his greatness is underappreciated.

All Roddy does is play consistently year in and year out, make plays and always shows up for the game while never missing a game with injury - mr. reliable.


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Awesome numbers for Roddy. As a matter of fact they are HOF numbers and they are better that A. Johnson's, and Laryy Fitzgerald over that time frame. Many people would consider them future HOFers. Someone said to me over in RC that Fit didn't have anyone throwing to him last season. Well, I told them Roddy didn't have anyone throwing to him in 07'(Harrington and Leftwich) and he had his first great season!

Roddy White future HOFer...


ironic that we have "Roddy White - future HOF" under a .gif of Julio :D

very difficult to get into HOF as a WR. There are so many WRs with gaudy stats. Those first two years when Roddy was AWOL are going to hurt him unless Roddy can play well for 4 more years.

Here is Roddy's career stats: 622 receptions, 8,725yds, 52 TDs

Here is Andre Reeds stats: 941 receptions, 13,096yds, 74 TDs

Andre Reed is not in the HOF and he went to 4 SBs (granted they lost all 4).

Difference in stats: 319 receptions, 4,371yds and 22TDs

In Roddy's peek years he could cover that deficit in 3 years of top production. However, you figure Roddy will be slowing in a year or two so it most likely will take him 4-5 years to get there.

Can Roddy do it? Absolutely he can - but it will be tough. More than likely Roddy will only be w/ Falcons for probably 2 more years - my guess.

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Yeah I love Roddy but, I do overlook him. Still think he has 3 great years left in him. Dude keeps his body in terrific shape. I would compare him to Reggie Wayne, they are very similar.

Look at Reggie's stat line later in his carrer and I think Roddy can be around those stats if not better them.

Roddy's stat line for 2012: 92 receptions, 1,351 receiving yards, and 7 tds age 31

Reggie's stat line for 2012: 106 receptions, 1,355 receiving yards, and 5 tds age 34

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Rowdy Roddy White is my favorite player on the team. I dont overlook him. He is 100% reliable, great personality and is not afraid to speak his mind about something. Roddy White may be the most talked about falcon during tthe season because alot of his shock comments...

Same here. . . . I never overlook him and he is my fav player as well.

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The funny thing is that right before he went on this run, probably 75% of this board wanted the Falcons to cut him.

in fairness to the messageboard, Roddy came from a small school and he was doggin' it his first two years with Falcons. He did not know how to be a pro - he was not a bust but he was starting to look like one. Many give credit to Joe Horn who came to Falcons at tail-end of his career in postively influencing Roddy. I don't know how much credit Horn should get - but that is when Roddy started to finally step up.

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I think Michael Vick being Roddy's QB at first stunted his growth those first two years. I mean, when you watch your QB - leader of the team - not staying late, not working hard - I could see how a young receiver might not be inclined to work as hard.

not making excuses for Roddy - but the Jim Mora/Mike Vick lockerrroom is not the most disciplined to say the least.

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