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How About Brian Urlacher


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Did you guys see how slow he was on his pick six this year?

I say we move Spoon to MLB permenantly so he he's closer to the ball every snap, and go out and get him a legit big body DT like Terrance Knighton to put right infront of him

Then we can worry about adding an athletic OLB

If we improve the DL enough we may be able to get by with Spoon and Nicholas in the nickel

If Nicholas isnt athletic enough for coverage, we can look to draft an athletic OLB who can be a difference maker in the nickel with Spoon, with Nicholas as the 3rd LB

Another option would be signing an athletic OLB like Thomas Howard who had 6 INTs in 1 season. Id rather spend the money on the DL where we need help bad

I dont think Urlacher would be a good pickup he's like 36, has bad knees and is slow

If Nicholas looked bad trying to cover Vernon Davis how you think Urlacher would look

Get a real DT and move Spoon to MLB to handle that spot for the next 10 years

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Actually wouldnt mind it if he was likely to get injured again. Hes not a keith brooking who is well past his prime. Brian would Be a great leader for this team but i doubt hes leaving the CHI.

Yep he's too loyal to Chicago. I read somewhere he is even offering to take a home town discount.

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How about you just trust who Nolan picks to work with. While Urlacher is a solid tackler, he is beat up from many years of being solid tackler. He is not a 16 game player anymore.

Can we just talk about football. We know we are not GMs. Its just talk man. From this statement we shouldn't be talking about FAs or the draft.

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