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2013 Nfl Mock Draft 1St Round V 1.0

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Here are the rules.. This draft will have a ton of Trades. last year there were a record 16 first round trades... these picks are what i believe teams need and will do to get a pick...

round 1

1) Kansas City Chiefs Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

there are a ton of mocks putting Geno Smith here, but i think Andy Reid will go OT, there are a few QBs that could fall to him in the second round, plus they have an amazing rb that would also benifit from a stud ot blocking for him as he runs the rock.. IMHO Geno just isnt a "1st" overall pick to me.

2) Jacksonville Jaguars Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

this team has no excitement, and i think a lot can agree that Blaine Gabbert could be a super bust.. With pocket hercules attending a full camp they might try to add a little Pistol offense to there repertoire, and i dont think that Star Lotulelei will sell tickets like Geno

3) Cleveland Browns (trade from Oakland Raiders) Damontre Moore, DE/OLB, Texas A&M

The Browns need to get pressure on the QB, facing Big Ben, Andy, and Flacco six time a year, Moore will be a great addition to this team for years to come.. for this pick the swap 1st and give the Raiders 2013 3rd round and a 2014 2nd round pick.

4) Philadelphia Eagles Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

I dont think this OL couldve blocked me, and i havent played in 11 years.. Kellys Offense wont be as Dynamic with the qb on his back almost every play, and the McCoy shedding tacklers in the backfield.. they really wanted Joeckel but the Chiefs "blindsided" them with that pick.. Eric is massive at 6'7" 305 lbs

5) NY Jets ( trade from Lions) Star Lotulelei, NT, Utah

Rex Ryan says he wants to get away from this pound and ground game on offense, but i think with Star still on the Board, they will make their defense even better by taking the the best DT in college.. The Offense needs help but they have too many holes that their original pick at 9 will help.. at least with a superior defense they can remain close in games. to move up 4 spot they swap 1st round pick, give 2013 2nd round 5th round picks to Lions

6) Oakland Raiders Bjoern Werner, DE/OLB, Florida State

Rivers, Manning, Joeckel/2nd rd qb, the Raiders will need to generate pressure on the qb.. Werner is the ideal pick for the Raiders at this spot. they were 31st in the NFL in sacks last year and those number will definitley get better with Werner rushing the QB.

7) Arizona Cardinals Glennon, QB, N.C. State

If Arians doesnt take a qb here, i think the fans of the Cardinals will do their yearly win loss predictions , like us Falcons fan do, and put a 3-13 record on paper. Arians saw first hand what rookie qbs did this year, and with a Hall Of Fame wr on the team, there is no one else to take here. Matt Barkley you say!! should i remind you of another Mtt from USC that got drafted by the Cards???

8) Miami Dolphins DeMarcus Milliner, CB, Alabama

If the Dolphins lose Smith to FA then they wouldve lost both Starting CB from 2011 with Smith and Davis gone.. they will have to fill this spot Period, taking the best Cb should help out against teams like the Pats twice a year.. Dolphins swap 1st and give Bills 2013 3rd and 4th round picks

9) Detroit Lions Barkevious Mingo, DE/OLB, LSU

The Lions Might lose Cliff Avril to FA. imagine this Mingo, Suh, Williams Fairley, Vanden Bosch!!!! OMGNESS!!!!!!! Nuff Said

10) Tennessee Titans Chance Warmack, G, Alabama

The Titans couldnt seem to get a legit run game going. and with Chris Johnson in the back field he might be able to regain his CJ2k tagup with Warmack blocking for him.

11) San Diego Chargers Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

No vincent Jackson, this offense was trash. enter Mike Mccoy who had Decker and Thomas. they will definitly try to throw the Rock all over the place! I think Rivers will love this pick as much as the Fans.. Riddle me this name the Chargers WR......... bet you looked them up

12) Chiago Bears Jarvis Jones, DE/OLB, Georgia

a lot of people are saying that his stock is dropping but with Roach and Urlacker testing FA this year, Jones would be an awesome addition at SLB for the Bears. He would benifit in a 3-4 but with a 4-3 defense like the Bears he will be all over the place. the Bills are stock piling picks they swap 1st and get the bears 2013 2nd and 5th rd picks

13) Tampa Bay Bucs Johnthan Banks, CB, Mississippi State

They were horrible against the pass last year. Barron and Banks will begin to create a dominate DB field in the NFL, The Buc's still suck... go FALCONS!!!

14) Carolina Panthers Johnathan Hankins, NT, Ohio State

I wanted to put a WR here so bad, but with edwards going into his 13th season i think Hankins is too goo of a player to pass up.. the Panties will go with the Best availble here and it just so happens to be a position of need for them.... they Still suck Go FALCONS!!!

15) NO Aints Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas

i dont care what people say i think you build pass rush from outside in, the reason why, QBs get rid of the ball too fast now, who cares if you have the best DE in the game when the QB gets rid of the rock before he gets there..That being said these bums couldnt stop the run or the pass, an elite saftey like Vaccaro will be able to help with the deep pass and step up to hit a running back. They Still Suck Balls GO FALCONS!!!

16) St Louis Rams Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

WHAT!!!!!! another year and no stud WR for Bradford.. Still there franchise player is Bradford and they have to keep him healty.. they do play the 9ers and Seahawks twice, and he need to be protected at all costs

17) Pitsburg Steelers Ezekiel Ansah, DE/OLB, BYU

The steelers are known for going OL/DL in the 1st round. but heres the thing they also need a OLB Ansah was a stud in the senior bowl. Hood could slide down to his native position of DT

with Hampton possibly testing FA, leaving Ansah to own on the end.

18) Dallas Cowboys Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida

The Dallas cowboys have a ton of needs on defense. but with monte Kiffin calling the plays on D he'll want a Warren Sapp type DT

19) New York Giants Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon

Osi's gone, The rich just get richer here. they will keep there "4 horsemen" DL intact

20) Buffalo Bills Matt Barkley, QB, USC

Ryan Fitzpatrick robbed the Bills Blind.. They stock piled some picks so they will be able to build a nice young offense around Barkley..

21) Minnesota Vikings Keenan Allen, WR, California

Percy Harvin cant stay healthy, Michael Jenkins.....lol....... Keenan Allen is a sure fire pick, they had to trade up to get him or the rams wouldve.. go ahead and stack the box to stop AP with Allen, Harvin, and Rudolph running around in the DBfield, i dare you!! Swap 1st with the Bengals and give up 2013 3rd pick

22) St Louis Rams Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama

CURSE YOU VIKINGS!!!!! the rams wanted to get Allen.. but they need a stud Running back Coach Fish will love to draft a hard nosed baller like Lacy. a long time Fan Favorite Jackson PT will be given to Lacy

23) Cincinati Bengals Alec Ogletree, ILB, Georgia

Remember the Stud LB corp that came out of USC, The bengals thought they Drafted one of the best....... not so fast my friend... The Bengals need to upgrade ILB quick or they will be another one and done next year.. then guess what.. the Bengals fan will have to hear all year long how they cant win in the playoffs... eek

24) Indyanpolis Colts Jonathan Cooper, G/C, North Carolina

Colts have arguable the best young QB for the next 10 + years..... PROTECT HIS ARSE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25) Seattle Seahawks Kawann Short, DT, Purdue

A tough Run D just got harder to run on... WR is a need here but i think they might Trade up in the 2nd round to get that position filled

26) Greenbay Packers : Barrett Jones, G/C/OT, Alabama

Once again the Packers are ellimanated by and elite pass rush defense... easy pick here give Rodgers time, he might throw for 6,000 yards!!!

27) Houston Texans Johnathan Jenkins, NT, Georgia

Man the Texans couldnt stop anyone the last few games of the year.. looks like the loss of Mario did bite them a little.. i think they go NT here to help generate more push up the middle, there backers will be fine when Cushings get back in the lineup..

28) Denver Broncos Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri

Can you imagine Miller having some beef infront of him taking on guards and centers leaving him dam near free to rush the passer........SCARY!!!!!

29) New England Patroits Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington

Talib is gonna be gone, Dennard is young and they are building a young Defense.. Trufant great size and speed a sub 4.4 and 5'11" Talib out Trufant in

30) ATLANTA FALCONS Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU

We have been saying it for years... we have been begging for one pleading for one... this is our guy.. he plays in the SEC known for dominiate defenses. TOP 10 DEFENSE IN 2013 STARTS WITH THIS GUY!!!!!!!! LEGGO!!!

31) SanFranciso 49ers Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

9ers Corners are overrated, and they really have no needs.. i think they add some depth with this pick to the DB field

32) Baltimore Ravens Matt Elam, S, Florida

With this Super Bowl win Ed Reed will retire. i think they will add Elam to take over the long time spot held by Ed Reed. Reed and Lewis finish there career on top!!

I'll post the second round next week what do you guys think!!!

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Guest King Jigsaw

Yea just cuz he played for lso doesnt mean automatic beast! Hes known for attitude problems, ill take okafor

Couldn't agree more. I'm not sold on Montgomery being as good as Okafor or any better, so with questionable character (something our front office is known for avoiding) then why not go with Okafor?

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Guest King Jigsaw

what the **** does leggo mean

It's a [generally] ebonic slang for "Let's Go!" Used to announce that whatever plans you had made and were looking forward to, are now coming to fruition.

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Guest Negatorris

Yeah, I have to agree with the others. I think we have to take Okafor at #30. 12.5 sacks in 11 games, as opposed to Montgomery's 8 in 12 games. He would be a 12-14 sack/year guy for us. He'll also help free up Abe a bit, and let him get some more sacks. Hopefully we can get a beast DT too.

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Guest Negatorris

btw, Okafor is the best end available. Ansah is interesting in the 2nd-3rd but he wont fall. No one else is on Okafors level imo

He isn't the best, but he'll be the best DE available at #30.

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Yeah, I have to agree with the others. I think we have to take Okafor at #30. 12.5 sacks in 11 games, as opposed to Montgomery's 8 in 12 games. He would be a 12-14 sack/year guy for us. He'll also help free up Abe a bit, and let him get some more sacks. Hopefully we can get a beast DT too.

Okafor stats a really inflated from that anomaly of a bowl game. Before that they produced at almost identical rates.

I wouldn't put too much stock in that one game.

Having said that I agree Okafor is better simply because Montgomery is SOOOOO SLLLOOOOOWWWW off the ball. If you could guarantee that could be fixed I would take Montgomery but you can't so I would go Okafor.

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