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One of our main issues at DT is none of them compliment each other. They all fit the mold of an undertackle. None are as stout as you like, but a guy or two who can take on multiple blockers would allow guys like walker,peters or babs to do what they do best which is penetrate. That alone will improve the de play because our interior will collapse pockets way more often forcing Qb's right in their direction. This will also make our our secondary more effective

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Sammie Lee Hill

Michael Johnson

Darryl Smith

Trade 1st&6th to cincy for 2nd and 3rd

2nd: Dj Fluker

2nd: David Amerson

3rd:Joseph Fauria

3rd:Cornelius Washington

4th:Lonnie Pryor

4th:Kwame Geathers

5th:Cameron Lawrence

7th:Kenny Tate

Joe Fuaria will go late in the draft 5-7 th round no way in the 3rd. We don't need another FB in Pryor
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first off babs will not be cut, he is the only solid dt we have. second our 1st is worth 640 their 2nd and 3rd are worth 535 so we would be losing all kinds of value, so not going to happen. and lastly i have seen fauria as listed between rounds 5-7, so no way i take him in the 3rd. pass.

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Babs probably wont get cut but you can't count that out as a possibility. They could try to free up some money if his cap hit is low enough. Vance is ready to take on a bigger role imo and any of the other guys we have on the roster will be improved with the monster dt's I think we will bring in. Oh yeah... I would take Kelce or the TE from florida

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