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I realise it is early and peiple will slump and rise faster than a Space Mountain ride at Disneyland

1st rnd DT Jonathan Jenkins Georgia 6ft 4 360llbs (proj 1-2)

2nd rnd DE Margus Hunt 6ft 7 280llbs SMU (proj 2nd)

3rd rnd RB Jawan Jamison Rutgers 5ft 8 200llbs (proj 3rd)

Jamison is an intriguing prospect, especially as many NFL teams prefer a running back by committee approach. Listed at 5-8, 200 pounds, Jamison has a build -- and game -- similar to former Rutgers' star Ray Rice. - Rob Rang, NFLDraftScout.com

4th rnd ILB Nico Johnson Alabama 6ft 2 250llbs 4.6 speed (proj 3-4)

The first thing that stands out about Nico Johnson is that he passes the eyeball test at a big 249 pounds. The inside linebacker had a non-descript practice, not distinguishing himself as anything more than what he's been scouted as: A physical run-stopper. - Dave Richard, CBSSports.com

4th rnd comp OLB Devonte Hollomann USC 6ft 2 245 llbs 4.6 speed (proj 5th)

DeVonte Holloman thought he would be switched to the hybrid defensive position of Spur a year ago, but injuries to teammates forced him to remain the team's starter at strong safety. This year the 6-2, 241-pounder will be closer to the ball where he will be more involved in helping stop the run, while also having a variety of duties in pass defense. Defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward believes his size, awareness and demeanor are perfect for the position. - The Sports Xchange

5th rnd CB Micah Hyde Iowa 6ft 196 llbs 4.5 speed (proj 6th)

Hyde closed out a stellar career by being named the Big Ten's defensive back of the year for 2012. He was also the only Iowa player to be named a first-team All-Big Ten pick by the league's coaches and media members

6th rnd WR Aaron Mellette Elon 6ft 3 216llbs 4.5/6 speed (proj 5-6)

Aaron Mellette, a wide receiver from Elon, is a big athletic type that can make a catch over his head and down around his ankles. He demonstrated the ability to go up and get a ball. I don't think he's a true No. 1 wide receiver, but he will be a solid third or fourth. - Pat Kirwan, CBSSports.com

7th rnd OG Omoregie Uzzi Georgia tech 6ft 3 306llbs (proj 6th)

Project guy

7th rnd comp K Caleb Sturgis Florida 5ft 10 186llbs

Da future

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Guest King Jigsaw

I don't see Jenkins falling to us unless he just shows up to the combine sloppy, and if he does, then I'm not sure that I want him. UGA players have a history of being trouble and TD/Smith don't like troublesome players.

I also think that Margus Hunt will impress at the combine and will not fall out of the first. The guy has his questionables, but teams will like his length, his freakish strength, and his speed. There's no way he'd fall all the way to pick 60.

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Jenkins I don't like and when I hear him described as a facet type player where he turns it off and on to me says he has a questionable motor.So i don't like this pick.

Hunt I won't lie he needs work but the size and athleticism this guy could bring is what the d-line needs...Good god when are they going to get Abe a legit guy who can rush the passer opposite him..I'm still waiting.

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Liking the feedback. I live in the UK so i have no regular contact on the College game except when I research draft stuff at this time of year. I recognise most of you have greater wealth of hunches and tips on whose hot or not. I love the discourse and education it brings.

I have tried to look away from the big names - our draft as Herr Doktor has sai is most likely to begin on Day 2 again this year and if the rumours are correct we may have upto 4 comp picks although 2 seems more than likely 4th and 7th.

I believe we will go defense in the majority of picks - I am not sold on TE or Guard being as bigger need as many expect through this draft. I believe that Manley and Holmes will shine after being redshirted this past season - rumours are they have the skills strength and tenacity we are missing, the TE roster with Palmer and Gallarda as the blockers who can catch and the mercurial Coffman may actually suffice albeit this is why I was intrigued by the small school guy from Elon who looks like he may be a similar production asset to Tony G, he moves the chains!

Line backers could use a fresh face and I expect pass rush and a DT would improve our disruption, a new CB could help out with contiunuity if Asante Owens and or Grimes all fall foul of injuries.

The return game is also a worry. I imagine we find someone through UDFA for this - gotta be like a RB no need to spend expensively.

Cheers folks!smile.png

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