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2013 Blue Print For Super Bowl


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This was on Bleacher Report today, they did this for all 32 NFL teams:

Here is the link for the original, i copy and pasted the Falcons Blue Print, what do you think?


Step 1 in the blueprint for an Atlanta Falcons' Super Bowl run in 2014 is to draft well in 2013.

For all the praise that Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff has received for the 2011 trade that landed the club Julio Jones, Atlanta's recent drafts have left much to be desired.

Wisconsin center Peter Konz was the mediocre cherry on top of a horrible 2012 draft. The Julio Jones gamble of 2011 has paid off in some ways. But outside of Jones, the only player worth noting from Atlanta's 2011 class was Jacquizz Rodgers, who has yet to show he is the Darren Sproles-type producer he was supposed to be.

Sean Weatherspoon and Corey Peters were good early picks in 2010, but it took a full two years for third-round OG Mike Johnson to assume the utility role he manned in 2012.

The Falcons need an immediate contributor to replace RB Michael Turner, so Step 2 in the blueprint should be wasting no time in selecting Alabama RB Eddie Lacy should he still be on the board when Atlanta picks at 30. Turner is old, slow and close to being done as an NFL runner. The Falcons are also likely to lose future Hall-of-Fame TE Tony Gonzalez, which is a huge issue in and of itself.

Turner will get the yards that the defense allows, and without a weapon like Gonzalez flexed out to take a linebacker or nickel rover out of the box, defenses won't allow him to plod forward for many. Step 3 is identifying whether Chase Coffman has the ability to operate in a Gonzalez-type role. If not, they could look to the free agent market for a player like Fred Davis, Jared Cook or Dallas Clark.

The final step is twofold: Identify a backup plan in case CB Brent Grimes makes too large a salary demand in free agency to match since he is coming off Achilles' surgery. If so, this clears room to invest in depth in the secondary to complement the great safeties Atlanta has in place and cultivate more young cornerback and pass-rushing talent.

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That's actually pretty fair. I would love Lacey but I bet he is gone by 30th.

Falcons need to identify who they like in the draft and then find another position in free agency.

They are in a spot to make a significant roster change moving forward. Is that necessarily good? Niners had all 11 def starters from last year, a true rarity. So a big roster change likely will mean a few growing pains next fall. Still see them as a real contender though but td has to earn his paycheck big time this offseason. A lot about his reputation should be riding in the coming months.

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