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A Short Pretty Cool Story.....bro.

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So I got a call last night from my Uncle who lives in Atlanta and he told me an interesting story.

My Uncle is part of a bowling league, just amateurs looking for something to do, nothing big. And after their game they turned around and lo and behold, Roddy White, JaQuizz Rodgers and B Finn walked in.

Long story short, they ended up bowling a game with them and won. He said they were very cool people, they didnt talk a whole lot about football but my Uncle made the mention to Roddy that he was snubbed from the pro bowl (it was playing on TV at the time) and he said that he didnt care about that, he wanted to be playing next week instead.

I know its not much but I thought it was pretty cool. Not everyone can say they beat Roddy White in a game of bowling. lol

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I met Quizz last year at Mall of GA. Noone recognized him cause he was a rookie at that time. I told my friends "yo I think that's JaQuizz Rodgers". They of course are fair weathered fan didn't know, so I was like screw it I'm gonna go and ask and see, and behold it was Quiz. He's pretty small and not that stocky. I'm surprised he can take all them hits as a RB.

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