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0 Darrelle Revis Trade Rumors: Could Atlanta Falcons Land Revis Island?


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New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis could be traded this offseason and there are already teams lining up to gauge the price of a Revis trade. While teams are making the phone calls to New York, fans are trying to think of potential landing spots for the game’s top shutdown corner.

Teams like the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers have come up in discussion, but there is now another NFC contender that has made their way in to the discussion.

Revis was doing some sort of appearance for Nike and walked out sporting an Atlanta Falcons cap. Immediately, internet rumors were sparked and the possibility of Revis moving to Atlanta was a real possibility in the cyber world.

Here is the image that added some fuel to the Revis to Atlanta talk:

It is a bit silly to draw conclusions from a picture that surfaces on the internet, but there are some interesting aspects to the idea of the Falcons trading for Revis. First of all, the Falcons are no strangers to trades for star corners and they have not been shy to make moves to help their secondary in the past.

But would a defensive backfield that already boasts Asante Samuel, Brent Grimes and Dunta Robinson really add a fourth starting caliber corner?

If Atlanta were to make a move for Revis, it would all but assure they will not re-sign Grimes, who is an unrestricted free agent this offseason. It’s already unlikely that the team will throw around the money that Grimes is seeking when they have two capable corners and need to focus on re-signing starting safety William Moore.

Grimes would be gone, but what would Revis’ addition mean for Samuel and Robinson?

Revis Island coming to Atlanta likely would signal the end of Robinson’s time as a Falcon, as well. That would put Revis and Samuel as the team’s starting corners with Robert McClain playing in the slot.

Of course, it is unlikely that the Falcons would make a move for Revis and one picture of the star corner in a Falcons hat does not mean a move is imminent. It does, however, give us a reason to talk about one of the more intriguing landing spots in the Darrelle Revis trade sweepstakes.

Where would you like to see Revis play nex season and who are some of the more likely trade partners for the Jets? Let us hear your opinions in the comments section.

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although i'd love to have him on the team, he's going to cost too many draft picks. i don't think we're in the position to afford that, unless we invest smartly in FA and use our picks very well. i'd expect robinson and grimes to not be part of our team next season if he does come.

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I really wouldn't rule us out, although him wearing a Falcons hat has nothing to do with it (we just have a cool logo).

When we traded for Asante, that already signaled the end of Dunta's tenure in Atlanta. Our plan was to start Grimes and Asante, and Dunta would play the nickel when we went to our nickel package. We had decided that Dunta would at best be a #3 CB in this league at this point in his career, and that is how our coaches felt and our management felt going into the season. We were hoping that Franks or Owens would take a big step forward and make Dunta expendable this offseason so we could cut him and save a lot of cap money. Before a snap was ever played, we made that conscious decision.

Then Grimes got hurt and was lost for the year. That thrust Dunta into a bigger role than we wanted him to have, and he was "okay" this year. Don't get me wrong, I love Dunta and he's a hardnosed football player. I think at this point he'd make a much better safety as his strength isn't sticking with a guy in man-to-man, rather staying in his zone area and coming up and making a big hit. He still has enough speed and playmaking ability to go with that big hitting ability to make a strong free safety for most NFL teams. But CB in an aggressive man-to-man scheme is not where you want the Dunta Robinson of now. Secondly, Franks nor Owens stepped up this year -- however, Robert McClain stepped up in a HUGE way and we have a gem nickel CB for Mike Nolan.

So again, we were hoping to move on from Dunta and have a young guy step up and fill the nickel spot.

If we trade for Revis, he would replace Grimes as the #1 CB and we have McClain as the young guy who stepped up, so that plan that our management set out on when we traded for Asante can still be completed albeit with the league's best CB and arguably a Top 2 CB of all-time.

I'm of the opinion that a trade would be worth the risk with Revis' health. Revis at 85% for half of a season until he rounds into form is still 99% more likely to be an effective shutdown corner than Dunta at 100%. Revis also adds a crucial ability for us: taking Marques Colston, Steve Smith, and Vincent Jackson entirely out of games. For the playoffs, that also means if we face the 49ers in the championship game we can take Michael Crabtree, who beat us all day, entirely out of the game with a single player(!) and focus a safety and nickel CB on Vernon Davis who also beat us like a drum while playing regular coverages elsewhere. Neither Asante nor Dunta could take Crabtree out of a game, and that wouldn't allow us to then shut out Vernon Davis.

The real problem here is compensation.

On the one hand, unless the Jets trade Cromartie they have no chance of re-signing Revis after this season. They simply can't afford him, and that usually never happens in football. However, the Jets gave franchise mega money to Sanchez (....lol) and franchise mega money to Santonio Holmes (........lol). They tried to keep open whatever championship window they thought they had for the last few years by restructuring deals to move the cap ramifications out a few years. That time is now, and Tannenbaum left the Jets in a dire mess.

Then you have what they want in a trade: a 1st round pick plus further compensation. I think this is where we get beat. I don't think TD will give up our 1st round pick, and San Fran probably will. San Fran can also offer more enticing players (RB Kendall Hunter, WR AJ Jenkins, and other picks) if they so chose. But if they win the SB, I don't think they'll make a deal. What we do have going in our favor is that if the 49ers are eliminated, we match up pretty well with some of their positional needs. They really need speed and youth at LB (interior and 3-4 OLB) and we have good prospects to offer (ILB Akeem Dent, who would be a very good starter as a 3-4 ILB in this league, and OLB Jonathan Massaquoi who is a developmental prospect but has more talent than anyone the Jets have had at OLB as a prospect in a long time. He definitely adds speed and would make for a good weakside rusher. Remember that both of those players are dirt cheap, which is something the Jets desperately lack and need: talented dirt cheap players.

And then we also have Dunta, who we would have otherwise cut if Grimes didn't get hurt. The Jets badly need two starting safeties, and I really think Rex Ryan can make Dunta Robinson into a heck of a free safety. Moving Revis will also allow them to re-sign Laron Landry, so they would have FS Dunta next to SS Landry with CBs Cromartie, Kyle Wilson (underrated young guy), Aaron Berry (ex-Lion), and Ellis Lankster (plus probably a draft pick). They had the #2 pass D last year without Revis, and with Robinson as free safety they could vault themselves to #1. At ILB, theyd have Akeem Dent next to David Harris (Bart Scott is cut), and at OLB they'd have their #9 pick (Jarvis Jones I'm assuming) across from Massaquoi. They have a great D-Line, and they're then set here with cap room to spare after next season with Sanchez and Holmes gone to completely rebuild the offense.


New York Jets trade: CB Darrelle Revis

Atlanta Falcons trade: ILB Akeem Dent, OLB Jonathan Massaquoi, CB/S Dunta Robinson, 2nd round pick

It isn't the ideal Jets package, but it is better than most other packages including a 2nd round pick (3 starters, two of which are young cheap talents) if no one moves a 1st rounder. And I'm from NY and also root for the Jets. I would stomp and stomp for Kroy Biermann if I'm the Jets because he'd make a nice strongside OLB and if that's a sticking point I'd give him up too. Kroy has been okay, and is another guy like Harry Douglas who is overrated by the media for the Falcons (who'da thunk it). We are going to use our 1st rounder on a pass rusher anyway, so that draft pick plus a vet free agent like Robert Mathis or Dwight Freeney would be a good remedy for the short term.

Moore, DeCoud, Revis, Asante, and McClain......that's a true top unit in the league. They'd definitely need some pass rush help, but Revis taking out the oppositions #1 CB will do wonders for our pass rush in that the QB will likely have to defer from his first read and move onto to his 2nd (Asante in coverage), or 3rd (McClain or Spoon or DeCoud/Moore in coverage), force a bad pass or onto his 4th and a sack.

Restructuring Matt Ryan's deal with an extension will give us plenty of additional room to sign Revis, plus with Dunta gone and a Tyson Clabo restructure (or release pending Lamar Holmes status) will also give us plenty of room to sign a draft class minus a 2nd round pick and bring on a vet or two.

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I've seen rumors floating that the Broncos might be willing to pay what the Jets are asking (a 1st and a 2nd). Apparently Elway feels like Revis is the "missing piece" that will get Denver to the Super Bowl next season.

I guess.....Elway can probably convince Bowlen that if they had Revis for that last play alone there's no way in **** Jacoby Jones catches the ball and the Broncos end up losing the game. And then convince him that they would have won the Superbowl. Yada yada yada.

Hopefully for us, the Jets don't want to deal him within the AFC. Why deal an elite player to a team that can prevent you from going to the Superbowl for the entirety of that player's career?

They can deal him to the NFC and games vs. him won't matter unless they're facing off in the Superbowl. If we want him, that's what we have to hope for. If we have to give up a 1st, I think Akeem Dent and Jonathan Massaquoi would be more valuable to them as cheap talented starters than a single 2nd round pick. And we don't need Massaquoi at all, and could use a mid-round pick on a 2 down thumper and back up LB because Dent is only good for depth purposes and in our 4-3 looks. If we got a solid 4-3 MLB in the 4th-5th round like Oregon's Kiko Alonso, I think we'd be just fine without Dent although I do like him. He is terrible in coverage though.

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Revis is 28. He would actually be the younger CB with more talent. I am sure td would entertain the 1st round pick. The 100 million price tag has to be the big kick in the face though. Maybe it's more smoke than truth. Revis has a lot of balls thrown his way but he swats them down well and has the lowest td conversion in the league. How bad is his injury and how bad does he want to play with a real team?

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The ability to almost completely take away one player from a game by oneself is exactly what every defensive coordinator dreams of.

Apparently they want a 1st and 2nd round draft pick. If we could offer next year's 2nd or 1st as well as 1 pick this year, I would 100% do it. Not in a situation to offer both our first two picks this year though.

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He would be worth the price tag to get him, but we won't beat a ton of suitors.

Our best available trade pieces just don't come close to stacking up.

Eagles: Bryce Brown, Michael Vick, Mychael Kendricks, Brandon Graham (at minimum)

Giants: Prince Amukamara, Kenny Phillips, Stevie Brown, Andre Brown, Reuben Randle, Marvin Austin (at minimum)

Seahawks: Richard Sherman or Brandon Browner, Robert Turbin, Golden Tate (at minimum)

Vikings: Percy Harvin, Chris Cook, Everson Griffen (at minimum)

Packers: Sam Shields, Morgan Burnett, Jerel Worthy, Jermichael Finley, Derek Sherrod (at minimum)

Falcons: Akeem Dent, Jonathan Massaquioa, Harry Douglas, Dunta Robinson, Kroy Bierman, Lamar Holmes

Unless half of the NFC is uninterested, including all of the above teams, we really don't have a chance unless we give up a huge draft pick haul

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