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The Official Player Ranking System And My Q&a.

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From now on we need to use this for players In the draft.

9.0 A slam-dunk Hall of Fame prospect. Still haven’t see a player like this.

8.5 Superstar from day one. Ability to dominate a game.

8.0 Pro-Bowl caliber player as a rookie. No glaring weaknesses.

7.5 A potential Top-10 player at his position. Should start from day one.

7.0 Should come in and give the starter a run for his job.

6.5 Immediate contributor that should eventually become an NFL starter.

6.0 Backup player with upside to a starting position after a few years.

5.5 Raw prospect with high upside but will need time to develop overall skills.

5.0 Career backup with limited starting potential.

4.5 Can compete for a spot on the 53-man roster.

4.0 Practice squad potential.

3.0 Training camp player.


1.0 Not a prospect.

Now I know we all have lists of players we would love to have, but let us step back and look at the team as a whole.

Let me ask a few questions.

What are our team needs that are realistic?

What positions are in need of an upgrade?

What can we get by with?

Are we in the right position (cap wise) to make a big FA move?

And are we only a few moves away from a Super Bowl?

Please write two players below that you think realistically drafted can make an impact RIGHT NOW and answer any of the questions above. Thanks

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My First Player.

Prospect: Khaseem Greene, OLB, Rutgers

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 230

Grade: 6.5

Have watched every video I could find of this kid....... And I like what I see. Not super fast or even beast-like, but can make a big play happen.

This is my second Brandon Williams DT - Missouri Southern State - 6'2" 341lbs Grade: 6.0

3rd Round

The Atlanta Falcons Select

Brandon Williams DT - Missouri Southern State - 6'2" 341lbs

I seriously considered Travis Kelce TE, or maybe an OL. The thing here is...do I want to present MY mock, or do I want to make the boards happy? Here is what I think. I think we can get a TE in FA for very cheap and I think we HAVE a RG on the squad now. We just need to use him. I also think that a superman TE is a luxury and not a need. With that, we need help on the defense more than a little, so I picked this monster DT who is rocketing upward and is a serious beast. You want a guy like this no matter if you are using a 3-4, 4-3, 46. 3-3-5, or 4-2-5. Stats = 68 total tackles, 16.5 tackles for loss, 8.5 sacks, two pass breakups, eight quarterback hurries, five forced fumbles and a safety.

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Guest Negatorris

JJ is like a 9, especially if he keeps doing the things he did against the Niners. Ryan is like 8-8.5. Maybe 9 if he brings us that Lombardi.

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