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Alternitive Pro Bowl Idea?


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Oh I know,, Lets pettiton Goddell to bring back

the skills challange and eliminate the game entirely.

I cant believe that Godell took away the Skills.

That was the highlight of the year.

All them Linemen rippin on each other for not being

able to do 35 reps.

Some real trash talking there.

Then there was the sprinting.

Hey, my girlfriend can run faster than that!

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It'd be kinda of neat imo if the Saturday before, they could match the NFL Rookies up against against some of the top talent coming up into the draft in a pro bowl type game (either with maybe 10 minute halves or maybe a seven on seven competition) similar to what the NBA does with it's Rookies versus Sophomores game.

The logistics of it would be a nightmare so it would never happen but who wouldn't love to see two players go at it who might've also played each other in college but we'd see how much the guy who entered a year early learned over the other guy. It'd also be a neat measuring stick to see what some of the guys coming up can do against NFL Ready competition.

I dunno mostly a brain storming idea.

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Pro Bowl lets rookies and players that don't get mentioned show their ability if they somehow make it

Remember when Peterson went beastmode on everyone as a rookie

Or when Sean Taylor destroyed some punter trying to run a fake

I saw C4 Moore making plays today. Did they even play Julio? All I saw was him wearing a cap on the sidelines

PS, Texans better draft a QB and do to Schaub what the 9ers did to Smith

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I agree, and been saying for years, it should be an award ceremony and skills competition for the players.

Then there is no need to not let SB participants be involved, no need for alternates, etc.

And it could still be held on the bye week before the SB if they so desire.

Ni always enjoyed the skills comps more than the game, even as a kid.

Another option would be an all rookie game, like the nba used to do.

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For 1, -make it after the SB

Put it back in Hawaii, seriously thats a good reward for being the best at your position in your conference. A 1 week vacation to Hawaii with endless activities.

Give us

- The skills competition back, must I explain? lol

- Other various activities the week leading up to it. Like

-- Madden 13 tournament

**** IDK put em on a drag race track and let them drag race each other lol

Make them all go paint balling and have cameras everywhere

Anything that shows the LIFE side of the players, these ideas are pretty crazy but they're better than how the Pro Bowl is now

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I dont think I have ever watched a pro bowl. I either go to or watch every Falcons game. I watch every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday night football game. I watch at least one game other than the Falcons on Sundays. Yet, I have never watched a pro bowl. I would watch the skills challenge.

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