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Achieable 2013 Mock Draft

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This effort at a mock draft is based on evaluation of player's size- for- position and skill set taken in rounds they are currently projected.

1) Okafor - DE (Texas) Ht. 6' 4" 40 time - 4.73. Excelent pass rusher and stout against run. Also has skills to play olb in 34.

Alternate -Trent Murphy (Stanford)

2) Chase Thomas - OLB ( Stanford) Ht. 6"4" Wt. 245 40 time:4.68 Thrives off blitzing off the edges. can play inside. Intelligent. playing skills compared to Clay Matthews.

Alternate - Khaseem Green

3) Sylvester Williams - DT (UNC) Ht. 6' 3" Wt.320 40 time: 5.19 Good combonation of size and speed. Disruptive.

Alternate - Jessie Williams ( Ala) Ht.6'4"" Wt. 320

4a) Sanders Cummings - CB (GA) Ht. 6'2" Wt. 216 40 time:4.49

Alternate - Rod Sweeting (Ga Tech) Ht. 6' Wt. 185 40 time: 4.5

4b) Lonnie Pryor - RB (FSU) Ht. 6' Wt. 229 40 time: 4.7 Used primarily as blocking FB at FSU, but could be big surprise at HB a la Wm. Andrews. May be a bit early since many teams do not use FBS, but when they saw his performance in the Orange Bowl, some could be seeing the same potential at HB. Need to get him while we can given our need for a RB to go with Snellen and Rogers. Pryor is aldo an excellent backfield blocker.

Alternate - Stefphon Jefferson - (Nev.) Ht. 5'11" Wt. 210 40 time: 4.5 sec. Sleeper who could be this years Alfred Morris. Quick, Speed, Power.

5) Conner Vernon - WR (Duke) Ht.6'2" Wt. 195 40 time: 4.5 Sleeper receiver w/ good combination of size and speed.

Alternate- Emory Blake (Auburn)

6) BPA for development and depth.

7) BPA for development and depth.

FA - Louis Vasquez OG Will cost but will be only splash in FA. Plays next to Clabo making the right immediately stronger against the run with 2 veterans.

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I think the 2nd round pick needs to be used on a runningback. We should be able to find a guy in this draft that can play right away at that pick. Runningbacks just don't go as high as they used to in years last. Defense with the 1st round pick, best player available.

You can get a good RB in the third or fourth.

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