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La Officials: 3 Held Over Attempt To Drive African American Family Out Of Compton


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Two men and a teenage boy were arrested in connection with a series of race-based attacks on an African American family in an attempt to drive them out of Compton in Los Angeles, sheriff’s officials said.

A group of Latino males who claimed to be in a local street gang used metal pipes and shouted racial epithets at a black man who had recently moved into the neighborhood, sheriff’s officials said.

One of the suspects, identified as Efren Marquez, 21, allegedly pointed a gun at the victim and threatened to shoot him while he was being beaten with a metal pipe allegedly by a second suspect, identified as Jeffrey Aguilar, 19, officials said.

After the attack, the group left in a black sport utility vehicle.

Marquez and Aguilar returned 30 minutes later with a group of up to 20 gang members, who surrounded the front of the victims’ home shouting racial epithets and telling them that members of the African American race -- using the “n-word” -- were not allowed to live in the neighborhood, sheriff’s officials said.

An unidentified member of the group threw a beer bottle through the front living room window.

Sheriff’s officials said the suspects continued to drive by the home of the family -- which includes four children -- several times a day, shouting racial epithets while ordering the family to leave the neighborhood.

Read more from NBCLosAngles.com

Aguilar, Marquez and a juvenile were arrested on Thursday, said Capt. Mike Parker of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau.

They face hate crime charges.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Sheriff’s Operation Safe Streets Bureau gang investigators at (310) 603-3100 or the Compton Sheriff’s Station at (310) 605-6500.

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yeah.....Mexicans have no love for black folks either here or in Mexico.

The biggest myth ever told is that things are going to get better for minorities once they have a major say in things. They dont create friends where they go.. Ask any other central(or southern) American what they think of Mexicans and you will get an earful.

I do support full amnesty though, but mostly because the cheap labor they provide means more to me than their opinions on race.

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Forcing multiculturalism has always caused these types of problems. I am white and the vast majority of my friends are, but not all. At work we eat lunch together. Seeing that black folks tended to eat together, Latinos tended to eat together, whites tended to eat together our management said that the place we work in is a racially tense place and we are to eat together so that the racial mix is homogenous. No clear black groups, white groups etc.

Now this is not a racially tense place, in fact the total opposite. But now there are tensions because they are pressuring us to mix in ways that none of us are comfortable with. Why force anything? Nothing wrong with being friendly and getting along. But forcing folks to do anything breeds resentment and tension.

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Is that you PP posting from the grave? I hope none of your surviving family members are still cashing your welfare checks.

No clue who you're talking about. Regardless, you still didn't answer the question. Put the cheese whiz down long enough to formulate an intelligent response, BeforePhoto.

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