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B3Nz. Mock Offseason. V1


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an offseason outline that actually seems realistic. the implied resigns and cuts are noted in the depth chart below.


Andy Levitre OG – best Guard in FA, plug and play and forget about it. This signing turns the oline from a liability to a strength.

Daryl Smith OLB – Nicholas was serviceable all year but the playoffs showed an upgrade is definitely possible.


1st: Sam Montgomery DE, LSU – This pick is either Montgomery or Okafor. Our dline showed to be too small to handle the massive oline of SF. Biermann is a good rotational guy but is a liability on the left against the run, especially when lined up opposite of Abe. Both Montgomery and Okafor are big strong LE’s that stop hold up against the run, but also get after the passer.

2nd: Cornellius Carradine DE, FSU – Back to back DE picks? Well most of the good DTs will be gone and no TE or RB prospects jump out as a 2nd round pick, or least none that will be there. This may be the perfect time to pick a guy like Carradine. We just picked a pass rusher to pair with abe, and while we still have abe, Carradine can rehab and develop. Carradine was a 1st round talent, and would be a steal if he can fully recover.

3rd: Brandon Williams DT, Missouri Southern State – A big, space eating DT that can also push the pocket. He’s a guy that’s been climbing the draft boards and has been playing well Senior Bowl week. We need to get better all over the dline and this helps.

4th: Gavin Escobar TE, San Diego State – Escobar is a big body who can high point the ball. He is also an able blocker who shows a lot of promise. I don’t think we need to reach to try and replace Gonzalez in the 1st two rounds because neither Eifert nor Ertz are that level of talent. Escobar puts a talented body in that roster spot and to become Matt’s 4th target behind HD.

4th comp: Duke Williams S, Nevada – A guy we have been linked to interviewing and a guy who would provide depth behind Moore. A guy who can be a standout on ST and a talent backup.

5th: Terry Hawthorne CB, Illinois – A tall, lengthy corner that can provide depth.

6th: Quanterus Smith DE, Western Kentucky – The 3rd DE taken. Smith was on a rise up the boards before his injury, and like Carradine, can spend time rehabbing and developing while we have bodies at the DE position

7th: Kenny Tate S/LB, Maryland - Guy that can compete for a deep S/LB if he stands out on ST.

Projected Depth Chart:

QB: Ryan, McCown, Davis

RB: Rodgers, Snelling, Smith

FB: Ewing

WR: White, Douglas, Cone

WR: Jones, Davis

TE: Escobar, Palmer, Coffman

LT: Baker, Holmes

LG: Blalock

C: Konz, Hawley

RG: Levitre, Reynolds

RT: Clabo, Johnson

RE: Abraham, Carradine, Matthews

DT: Babineaux, Walker, Robertson

DT: Peters, Williams

LE: Montgomery, Biermann, Massaquoi

OLB: Smith, Nicholas

ILB: Dent, James

OLB: Weatherspoon, Peterson

CB: Samuel, McClain

CB: Robinson, Owens, Hawthorne

FS: Decoud, Mitchell

SS: Moore, Williams

K: Bryant

P: Bosher

LS: Harris

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Way too early for a DE coming off an ACL tear, and I'm not sure about starting Rodgers, but otherwise, I like it.

yeah but i think Carradine's talent is too much to pass on in the 2nd. If he has a full recovery, youre looking at and 2 promising bookend DEs for the future. And i think a lot of the reason of Rodgers not having success up the middle was the oline not creating holes or holding them open. Upgrading the line makes Rodgers a viable option, Koetter also said a similar thing in his interview. that he thinks Rodgers is a 3 down guy. foreshadowing Turner being released and the torch being passed.

I really like this mock benz.

thanks, i felt it might be a little defense heavy, but i felt it filled the holes we will have.

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I don't like Carradine. He has no pass rush moves and he doesn't have the strength or bend to make the bull rush and speed rush work well at the next level, which is a problem Jenkins has as well. The more tape I watch it seems like a rampant problem in this year's draft class.

Jenkins too me just shoots straight up when he rushes. If he would come off low consistently then I would probably like him more. Carradine seems quicker off the ball too me but I don't know how he will be coming off of this injury. I would take a shot at him maybe in the fourth though.

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I don't like Carradine. He has no pass rush moves and he doesn't have the strength or bend to make the bull rush and speed rush work well at the next level, which is a problem Jenkins has as well. The more tape I watch it seems like a rampant problem in this year's draft class.

i agree in that this years class is very raw, but also very talented

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Your perception of some things are REALLY off.

Andy Levitre is the 2nd best guard in FA, but he plays for Buffalo. That is an instant red flag to me because he doesn't NEED to pass block very well due to Fitzpatrick getting rid of the ball faster than any QB in the league. Levitre is an average run blocker at best and even Demetress Bell looked like a phenom in pass protection with Fitzpatrick getting rid of the ball in 2.4 seconds on over half of his dropbacks, now look at Bell in Philadelphia, he's a complete joke. I know Levitre had a good season, but I just do not trust Buffalo Olinemen due to the Fitz Factor. Most importantly though is, like I said, Levitre is an average run blocker at best. Not even an upgrade over Reynolds.

Kroy Biermann is one of the best run defending 4-3 DEs in the entire NFL. How you came to the conclusion that he is a liability against the run, I do not know, but I assure you, that isn't his issue, it's pass rushing.

Montgomery is a solid run defender, yes, but what we really need if we're going to draft a DE is a beastly pass rusher who can develop as a run defender. That's why Okafor is such a popular pick, because he's a monster in the pass rush and is significantly more stout against the run than teammate Jackson Jeffcoat. Montgomery doesn't have good burst off the snap and only ever really generates pressure with bull rushes. NFL OTs will adjust to that and he needs to learn some moves if he wants to have a successful NFL career. Okafor can do everything - speed rush, bull rush, spin move, rip inside, everything.

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Yeah I don't see us going into next season with Rodgers and Snelling manning our backfield. Love both of those guys to death but neither is a #1. There's several RBs in this draft that are better than Rodgers or at least as good as he is. I mean I love both of those guys but we need a real #1 guy ahead of them.

Not a fan of Montgomery or Carradine picks. I am really really hoping we can get Sharrif Floyd in the 1st round and then see how the 2nd round shakes out. I would be happy with the Okafor pick but Floyd is the guy I want, even though he's a stinkin Gator lol.

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don't see any possible way Floyd falls to our pick. I've read reports with him going in the top 10- top 15.

Probably will end up that way. He's a great fit for us though. I think Montgomery is decent and he'll probably be a decent pro, but as outlined earlier I don't think he fits what we need. If we're going DE we need a pass rusher... and not another guy who might develop into one.

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Overall a good mock, but a little too D heavy IMO...and i think this needs to be a priority. Just a few thoughts.

I'm not a huge fan of spending big FA $s on OG.

I like grabbing a FA LB. depth sorely needed there.

Need to add RB in either FA or draft IMO. I can't see them going into the season w Rogers, Snelling, smith...ugh.

3 DEs is overkill. Really like that you've taken Smith in the 6th alongside Montgomery in the 1st. Use the second on the best of RB, OL, TE.

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