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I Will Be Renewing My Season Tickets!


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As a life long Falcons fan, I cannot express how happy I am with the current organization and players. We only need a few good off season tweeks to get better. I am so excited about the future of the Falcons.

We FINALLY have a franchise, elite, winner at QB

We finally have a coach with a sustained winning streak and is an all around nice guy to boot

We have a GM who is respected league-wide and is not afraid to pull the trigger on big deals (Julio)

We have, to me, one of the GREATEST owners in all of professional sports

If you have been around this franchise for more than just the last ten years, what we are going through right now feels like nirvana!!!!!

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I might be moving back to Atlanta this summer so I'll be able to catch more home games & get the full game experience again. It cracks me up how people are flipping out over a team that won 14 games out of 18 and was in position to win 3 out of the 4 losses. we're in the same position the 49ers were in last season and if we get back next year we'll have the pain of this defeat to fuel the fire to take us even farther. only one team out of 32 wins the Super Bowl each year & I think we got a group of guys and coaches that know we got to step it up if we wanna get over that hump. I saw some good things from this team and I think we had some better pieces riding the bench. I'm confident next season will also be a huge success and I look forward to it.

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