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Plan For Next Year And What Roster Would Look Like


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I won't get into specific draft pick players, but here goes

Qb-Ryan, Davis, FA

RB- Rodgers, Snelling, 4th round pick, need speed back, like a more reliable Norwood, a home run threat

FB- Ewing

WR- current top 3, keep Davis, bring in FA to compete with Davis

TE- Gonzalez, Coffman, Palmer, if Gonzales leaves...get a FA, start Coffman

OL- Resign Baker, Blalock, Konz, 2nd round OG, Clabo, keep McClure as back up, bring in FA somewhere for depth, let this years backups fight for spots

Defense, assuming we look more like a 3-4

DE- Babineux, 3rd round draft pick

NT- FA, Roberston

DE- Peters, Walker, cut Jerry

OLB- Abraham, Bierman

ILB- Dent/ NIcholas. FA to compete with those 2

ILB- Spoon

OLB- 1st round draft pick

CB- Samuel, McClain

CB- resign grimes, Robinson is the one guy I outright dislike on D, he has no closure on the ball, rarely gets INTs, slips all the time, and never wraps up, only way he comes back is if he is true nickel,which means we need to find a 3rd corner(McClain,FA?) to jump to 2nd CB in case of injury

S- resign Moore, DeCoud, and5th round draft pick, resign Hope

I am still not sold on Bosher, David Akers was out kicking him on kickoffs and he still shanks punts,

This looks reasonable to me, Find a stud OLB in 1st round, Find a heavy for OG in 2nd. Project DE in 3rd, Speed back in 4th Only major FA , other than our own would be a ILB and a NT(easier said then done with this position)

Whaddya think

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I really can't see us being able to keep all of those UFA you mentioned.

All I'm saying to resign is Baker, Grimes and Moore, with possibly Gonzales(which would only be a 1 year contract) Grimes I wouldn't sign for more than 2 years and Safeties don't cost a lot of money, only Baker should require some money, since hes young and had a pretty good year
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we have enough project de, that is part of the reason we aren t playing next weekend. and i am not sure why everyone thinks we need to switch to the 3-4. with read option and pistol formations it is better to be in the 4-3 on stopping the run(gb for example). we are better off with the hybrid. we need another play maker in the lb core, nic needs to be a back up. 1st de if any decent ones are left(okafer) 2nd round good lb. 3rd get a rg. 4th you can pick up a back and a dt. then fill in what ever else in the 5-7. jmo

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