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Denard Robinson

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Robinson is being viewed as more of an athlete for the next level than a qb. He is an electric athlete with good arm strength and the elite speed to make plays out of the backfield.

I think he will have around a 4.39, 40 time. Just for a little humor in the past he has said that he could take Usain Bolt in the 40.

I dont know about that but, I know for sure his speed would make him a valuable asset for the Falcons.

Source CBS Sports:

STRENGTHS: Track-like speed with balanced explosion and change of direction ability to create with the ball in his hands.

WEAKNESSES: Extremely streaky as a passer with too many inconsistent decisions, low-percentage pass attempts and messy mechanics.

COMPARES TO: Antwan Randel-El, ex-Pittsburgh Steelers -- With hot/cold accuracy and a frame under 6-feet, scouts are viewing Robinson as a Randel-El-type of prospect and more of a mid-round athlete rather than a quarterback.

What do you guys think? Take a flyer on him with one of our 4th round picks if he is there?

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He will run sub-4.4 He is very fast, but even more elusive. I think he is much more likely to succeed in a RB/Slot role than as an actual WR. Kinda like Randall Cobb. Definantly a KR/PR. I heard that he is struggling at the Senior Bowl due to injury, but he can play. I have watched him for the past 4 years and he has got the tools to be a solid NFL player if he is used correctly. He really isnt a WR, but he could play RB and Slot and definantly KR/PR

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