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'hybrid' Dt (?)

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Consensus needs in 2013 off-season ---DE, DT, ROG ( may be on team?), LB and RB --- Let's concentrate on the best fit at DT. I would like to ask those of you who watch film on the prospects at DT to express your thoughts on that position with the following in mind:

We played both the 4/3 and 3/4 this year and will again next year. Rumor has it that MS prefers the 4/3 and Nolan has said he is fine with that but the 3/4 will be used. OK, in the 3/4 a large, 340 lb NT will be needed ---question -- why use a draft pick for a part time situation. We need a DT who can collapse the pocket, quick enough to split the gaps and relentless enough to always seek out where the ball is. One player who comes to mind that could reek this kind of havoc was Warren Sapp. Strong ,quick and relentless; ie could play well in both types of defensive sets. I know this type of player doesn't 'grow on trees', but some may be better than others plus some teams who feature 3/4 sets May be looking for a ' whale' at NT.

Of the DT pool this year, do any of you have an opinion as to which prospect has this type of ability and skill set?

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Sylvester Williams UNC

Strengths: Possesses a naturally large, thick build. Possesses a very quick first step and a lethal swim move (both arms, if necessary) to slip past interior lineman. Varies his burst off the snap, lulling his opponent into relaxing and can make the explosive tackle behind the line of scrimmage before the ball-carrier has had time to make his first cut. Good strength for the bull rush. Has the strength to rip his arms free to disengage and shows a quick, closing burst. Very good strength for the drag-down tackle as ball-carriers attempt to run by him. Versatile. Asked to line up on the nose, defensive tackle and even out wide, showing the ability to hold up to double-teams. Improving awareness versus screens, draws. Good pursuit to the edge. Has only played football for five years and appears to be an ascending player.

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