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How Long Has It Been Since We Had An Even Decent Pass Rush?

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Since Mike Smith, we have averaged around...

30 sacks/season on an average of...

550 pass attempts against our defense...which is not very good.

2004- 48 (517 pass attempts)

2005- 37 (526 attempts)

2006- 37 (515 attempts)

*Other notable years in the recent Falcons' history

2002- 47 (514 pass attempts)

1998- 38 (551 pass attempts)

So its obvious we have had troubles getting to the QB during Smith's tenure.

We have had well documented and obvious issues addressing our pass rush along the DL....

Jamaal Anderson was a carryover, and is/was awful at rushing the passer. Awful.

Ray Edwards is/was awful at rushing the passer as a Falcon, probably as a lack of motivation...the guy is a great athlete, but obviously started coasting once he got here.

Kroy is a decent pass rusher, but is a little undersized, and has to be used a lot so he gets worn down.

Sidbury never sees the field...ever.

Matthews/Massa...who knows, probably not starters though.

Davis was kinda like Kroy, did a little of everything, but never a great pass rusher.

Babs is OK at rushing the passer, but far and away not a dominant force.

Vance is OK, not really a pass rusher.

Peters was coming on, then got hurt this year and I barely heard his name called ever again.

Perry.....I was not pleased with the draft pick from the start, and he continues to be a failure.

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The Achilles's heel of the 4-3 defense it that it relies on having monster DE's (like Abraham) to generate an outside pass rush. One of the hardest type of players to acquire (either through the draft or free agency). When you have one, things are great, but when you don't....

This is one reason a number of teams have switched to a 3-4. Finding a 3-4 rush linebacker seems to be an easier task.

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Dwight Freeny struggled mightily in switching to their 3\4 Hybrid,

since there is talk of us doing the same he might not be an option,

but if we stay at 4\3 he could still be great in the short term.

No idea what kind of contract he would want, he made 14 million

last season and for the 4 sacks, 8 total tackles, one pass defended,

and one forced fumble as the Colts outside linebacker you would think his price would drop significantly......to borrow from Tony: This is 95% a pipe dream, but just something to throw out there.

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Since the days of pat Kearney and Brady smith..

Do you know how may guys we drafted on that D-line, Kearney, Smith, Coleman, & Jasper?

1 guy... Patrick Kearney. The rest were free agent pickups and it took Kearney years to develop.

If we want to improve the pass rush we probably need to pick up a free agent and draft someone to develop. The problem is we seem to have a problem letting developmental players see the field... like Sidbury.

The worst part will be if we let Sidbury walk and he starts putting up sack numbers somewhere else.

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No interior beast=no pass rush

Grady used to eat space(and everything in it lol) and occupy two blockers. This helped someone else on the outside get free. Rod Coleman used to actually collapse the middle too and he was tall. This forced QB's to the waiting arms of the outside rush. We need some big, strong, and quick fat boys in the middle.

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Maybe some of the problem is that improving the pass rush hasn't been a priority since TD and Smith arrived. Their one semi-serious effort was throwing a big wad of cash at Ray Edwards, who had like one decent year thanks to having Jarred Allen on the other side of the line drawing most of the attention. Guess the moral of that story is to stay out of the FA DE market and do a better job of drafting the next time around. And don't stop drafting pass rushers until you get to round 5 or so.

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3 playoff losses, 3 unqualified DLs, that will continue until the DL is fixed

Fortunately there are answers set to hit FA

Freeney and Osi Umenyiora I expect both to be available, both are exactly what we need, a proven impact pass rusher. Freeney is 32 and Osi 31 so they'll be cheaper than guys like Avril or Johnson who are younger but unproven and not as good. Freeney wants back in a 4-3, Osi wants to be a starter, we can give either what they want

Then we can draft the most explosive pass rusher available in the 1st or 2nd to be Abes heir

At DT we need an actual DT who can stop the run, free up other players at set up 3rd and long. There are some great fits who would be difference makers here like Randy Starks, Terrance Knighton, Roy Miller and Sammie Lee Hill. We could also bring in a 2nd guy on a 1 year deal like Glenn Dorsey or Pat Sims

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I like the vets as pass rushers, but the are both older and have injury histories....similar to what we have in Abe.

The other issue is neither are very big, and are poor in run defense.

With that said their presence would have definately been helpful in preventing losing 20-0 and 17-0 leads in the playoff games this year. :(

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