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these threads have been wild today. trade for fitz, sign every free agent regardless of cap space, trade up into the top ten, no problem, td done it before.

here's what is going to happen:

in free agency, we sign current players to good deals (like last year). having a feeling that td won't chase any bigger fa names, and find some value with lesser fa (like last year). yes, i would love to go after some of the top DE, but after the ray edwards fail, TD is all the wiser now.

in the draft, we stay put in every round, and let the good's fall to us. maybe trade up after the 4th but nothing earlier. TD continues to build through the draft, and is done piecing free agents to help the team.

tony g doesn't come back, and we don't draft a TE early.

we'll cut a couple of old cap hitters (turner, and maybe drob)

we don't trade for any players or trade our own players for anything.

it's going to be boring, and when any bigger name player signs, threads will pop up saying "we should've sign him! wtf TD!"

now y'all can dis my thread,lol

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Most of what you posted is probably true, based upon TD's past moves as Falcons GM...

I will say this though, if Dimitroff doesn't hit a couple of home runs on the defensive side of the ball in this draft then we won't be going any further next year than we did this......and might regress.

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Bring in Reggie Bush, Jake Long, and Jared Cook. Draft defense.

We aren't going to have that kind of cap space.....and Long isn't necessary now that Baker is playing like he is.

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Although Long get more holding calls he is stout and can stop a guy in his tracks. Bakers still suck and is very easily moved.

And as far as the cap space if Turner, and DRob is cut and Baker is not resigned the money should be there plus more. Long is the only one who can demand top dollars the other two have the talent hands down but haven't shown it on a consistent basis to demand top dollar.

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