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Did We Play Prevent Defense Entire Second Half? Def Looked Better This Year. What Happened?

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I am a fan who knows very little about football strategy It seemed to me that we played MUCH better defense this year with getting lots of turnovers, but the last two games in the second half we looked like LAST YEARS falcons, allowing for easy catches and soft defensive scheme

Did we play 'prevent defense ' the entire second half? aren't you supposed to only do that in the final few minutes of a game? why did we seem to allow them such space to make easy catches and what happened to all the interceptions we seemed to be getting this year? also what players were at fault/ played the worst defense? did our safeties play well? they seemed to be terrific most of the year

I'm just confused why we sucked so much and if it was our players or the coaching scheme!?

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I'm not the best at understanding defensive strategy either, but I do know that we faced exactly the wrong type of quarterback in our play-off games. (We overcame it against Seattle, but just barely.)

Nolan is exceptional with pocket passers. That amoeba defense against P. Manning was a thing of absolute beauty. And I think Brees and the Manning brothers had something insane like 1 TD to 10 INT's against our defense.

But we didn't draw a Manning or a Brees-type. We drew two quarterbacks who can make huge plays with their legs, and in accounting for that, we took our focus away from the tight end.

I read today that Vernon Davis had only seven catches in the last seven games before coming to us.

Good grief, let that sink in.

I think it's a pretty cruel/ironic twist of fate that we hired Nolan because we were getting shredded by the upper-echelon pocket passers. And he did his job.

Then when it came to play-off time, there was no traditional pocket passer for him to defend against.


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i wonder if there's more to it than just a bad matchup, but also some psychological weakness to this team==they just seem to collapse in the second half, it's weird

if this is true we're pretty much screwed, as we're playing a lot of these non traditional QBs next year sigh I really think we had our window and blew it and without gonzalez we're not going to be as good as this year

we really need a replacement for gonzalez, a pretty sucky turner, and several key defensive players... with a low draft pick in first round and always bringing in only ONE highly valued free agent every year, I just don't think we can fill all these key needs, or even come close to doing so Not to mention they extra money our QB will get with the new contract

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Our defense wasn't as physical as the 49ers offense. We sold out to stop the run (because we had to) which created space for the TE to get behind the Linebackers. We need some bigger guys in our DT rotation for teams like Seattle and the 49ers. We've really needed a DT/NT since we got rid of Grady Jackson back in 2007.

Off the subject, but that reminded me of one of the best posts I've ever seen. No idea who the original poster was, but someone asked about Grady's contract and his response was

"They are renegotiating"


Maybe you had to be there at the moment, but that was some funny ****. Grady was awesome.

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