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Atlanta Falcons Offseason Wishlist

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Let's have a little fun. Our season is over, and it's time to start looking at this off-season. What are some of your wishes, as far as players etc.

My first wish is this guy.


Good realistic pick, he may well be there in the first and would \should be an immediate upgrade. I'd love the line to have an actual bruiser. An Australian from Alabama was born to be a monster. I like this one.

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Alec Ogletree too lol


NFL.com draft analysis

Rarely uses hands to fight with blockers despite an aggressive mentality. Overruns a lot of plays between the tackles, struggles to recover. Has a lot of issues dealing with second level blocks from the offensive line, rarely can work over top of them, there winds up walled off. Run and chase player at this point, loses gap integrity with false or wasted steps. Dives or lunges for a lot of tackles rather than running through them and wrapping up. Mentality changes when attacking an offensive lineman compared to a running back.

Just what we need, another guy who can't wrap up and tackle

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