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First Fa I'd Sign Is (Name Your Own And Why)


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lets go ahead and sign every big name vet over the age of 30! this team is old enough on D as it is, need to infuse some youth, not go after guys that are on their last leg, we already have 2 of those guys on D.

Preach on math....gotta go young on D....gotta go get 2 pass rushers...don't care if 1 is a DE and 1 is a DT...ideally we will get a prototypical DE and a DT who can slide out to DE (like we've done with Babs some this year).

I believe we're virtually in crisis mode when it comes to our weak azz pass rush.

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My first FA signing would be an RG or gawd forbid we move Clabo to RG and sign a RT.

Next dip into the pool would be for a Vet DB Who has a few years left and can be had

at a reasonable cost.

Do we get Osi??? I dunno but the Jerry/ Peters thing has gone Bust.

Get rid of Jerry and Rotate Peters.

Just give me a Bad to the Bone 3-4 NT and everybody Happy Happy Happy.

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