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Okay, so I have had a few days to let the loss sink in and I am truly feeling better than I thought I would.

I have come to the realization that we were 10 yards from going to the superbowl. There are so many negative posts from people we have not seen since week 10. Once you ignore all of that and weed out that garbage there is a lot to be proud of and look forward to.


My first thoughts are that we trade out of the 1st round and try and get more picks in the second on. I would be looking at quality depth and the possibility of some home run hitters late.

I think this is the year we do not look for solid starters but for situational depth players, more importantly on Defense.

Free Agency:

Everyone wants us to make a huge splash, that is going to be determined by who we keep and cut. There is plenty of roster decisions to make and a couple of those players may make the decision themselves (McClure, Gonzalez, etc..).

I am truly MORE excited right now than I was going into this last season. There is no limit on what we can do... this team is ready, the heartbreak of this year, with the success we have seen. If we improve the holes on our defense, we will be right back here next year without the trash trolls that show up after we fail.

RISE UP Atlanta, RISE UP fans, this is the beginning to many great things to come...

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