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Do The Cowboys Have Any Personnel That You Would Want?

Flip Wilson

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Demarcus Ware

Demarco Murray

Jay Ratliff

Ware and Murray aren't going anywhere. And if I were Kiffin, I'd try everything I could to get Jerry to hang on to Ratliff. He's the perfect 3 technique for what he wants to run.

Just ignore him.

Obvious attempt to derail the thread.

Just had too compose myself there but I would love Ratliff and Ware too.

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I would love to have Murray as well but I don't think Kiffin will change anything on offense. LOL

My bad...I thought it was an all-encompassing Dallas personnel question.

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Not a problem man. Like I said I would love to have him as well.

I have started my drawing of Matty. It will take me a while as I'm just doing it in my spare time.

How many hours would you say you average in a piece?

It depends Flip....I probably had about 17-20 hours in that last Ryan piece I did.

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