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Wishing The Falcons Were An Afc Team:


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I know this is an exercise in futility, but I sure as **** wish we were an AFC team. As our team is currently constructed, even with a leaky defense that apparently believes a TE is not allowed to run down field and catch, I believe we would go to several Super Bowls over the next few years. The AFC playoffs are littered with cerebral, stationary quarterbacks who beat you from the pocket. Nolan specializes in eating that quarterback for lunch. Unfortunately we are in the NFC, where the offensive paradigm shifted over the course of one offseason with the introduction of Wilson, RG III and now Kaepernick. And don't forget about Rodgers. To beat these guys regularly, the Falcons require a serious upgrade along the front 7 which is costly and won't happen overnight...we will likely have to sacrifice an offensive weapon to accomplish this objective, too. This is just frustrating cause in the AFC, we are a Super Bowl team as currently constructed.

So be patient everyone. It may take an off-season or two, but we will get there. Forget about "Rise Up" cause it's time to "Believe".

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I liked our defense this year.

Nolan did a good job unleashing our DB's

With Bierman, I feel that we are easier retrofitted to a 3-4 because all we will need is a Serious NT.

Abe did not like playing on the line, so here we put some beef up front

Babs, NT and Matthews.

With Bierman Nik and Spoon, Abe can Freelance.

Quick ans Easy fix,, IF we get a 6'5 340lb Shaun Rogers NT.

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