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What Is Our Needs.

Guest fibonacci

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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

For me I see the middle of the field got ate up twice by TE.

that tells me it is time to draft a LB.

- but why stop at one? cause peterson will retire with tony as well.

So I say go after 2 LB's.

TE is not a big need to me. we have palmer/coofman. maybe coofman can improve on blocking or palmer can improve on his catching.

RB. snelling and rodgers showed us they have power and speed. but we do need a a guy who can hit hard and replace turner

- and yes I am a turner fan. but lets get a fresh 08 turner in there.

DB that is Nolans big guy.


DE. and make him a good speed rusher.

- with Abraham hurt then we need a back up.

- with Biermann playing LB/DE we need someone who can fill in nicely (again another reason to have a LB)

- massaqui is good. but I think they are training him.....but I would still get another guy just in case. something is wrong with Sid. ( I do not know what it is. but time to let him go or play him)

So I say

1 LB

2 DT

3 DE

4 LB


6 TE/RB (both have ups and downs why they are ahead of the other)

I do not see a need to go and get O-line. we have guys and our line has done well. I rather Snelling/rodgers continue and get another big hitter instead of trying to fix the line with running game. if we try to fix the line, we miss out on passing maybe; and that is what we are mainly doing.

no CB or WR or returner......we need a better coach on ST. Doiuglas did slightly better or even with franks. period.

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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn


Blue Chip O Guard ------- Lets not skrewround with this.

Nose Tackle

Running Back

What ever else Nolan wants.

We have Coffman,,,,,,,,,,no need to draft a TE this year,

yeah I'm not a fan of messing with the line much.

- seen it takes time for those guys to learn another. is a big thing to me

- takes time to improve some people

- plus we will have Sivitek coming back (and man I cannot wait).

Node tackle is big to me as well.

as for RB. I'm not to concearned. snelling and rodgers seemed to do fine alone.....but then again matt got rattled.

- but (and here comes the BUT). Bradie Ewing is coming back.

- BUT BUT who knows how he really is.

- - how he really is going to recover. (or did they just see a 4 month injury and said, "heck he would be just training and miss 6 games....so lets take him out)???

I am going back and forth today on do we need a RB big time? (like 1-5.....and all honesty I am saying no)

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I still think our Offensive Line could use some help though they played very well in the post season.

The most imediate need is on the Defensive Line. I would like to see a big body at NT and someone at DE.

TE and RB are needs but I'm hoping that Coffman can step up and be the TE we are looking for.

I also don't want to see Dent playing MLB next season.

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--Major Needs--

I'm going to start with with a caveat... I think that if Mike Nolan is going to stick around, we need to start transitioning to a 3-4 base defense. I am going to provide needs below based on a 3-4 defense.

Nose Tackle - To run a 3-4, this is the biggest key. We need someone who can occupy space in the middle. Jonathan Jenkins from Georgia should be that guy. Whether he is available when we pick is the big question. Perhaps we trade up to get him. If not, the backup plan would be Kwame Geathers, (also from GA) who we should be able to get later in the draft.

Right Guard - We've been dancing around this one for a couple of years. I think it's high time we addressed this seriously. 1st or 2nd rounder on RG. There are also two very good RG's who will be free agents in 2013, but they would cost us. There are also some solid guards available in FA who shouldn't break the bank, but would be upgrades.

Outside Linebacker - Assuming we get our NT, OLB will be the next area of concern. Kroy Bierman should be able to slide into the OLB role, and John Abraham could probably do it as well, but I'm not counting on Abraham being around next year. There are several big free agents available who would fit as a 3-4 OLB, including Paul Kruger, Connor Barwin, and Shaun Phillips. There will also be several prospects available in the draft.

Tight End - Martellus Bennet and/or Jared Cook. (draft class is WEAK at TE)

--Minor Needs--

Running Back - In my opinion, we already have the ideal guy to start behind Ryan in Rodgers. That said, I think Turner's wheels are pretty much shot, and it's time to look for some other young talent.

Safety - Though both Moore and Decoud showed that they are pretty darn good, Moore spent a LOT of time out due to injury this year, and Decoud seems to be hit and miss. Some depth/competition here would be good.

Inside Linebacker - I am unsure how Weatherspoon, Nicholas, and Dent would perform as ILB's in a 3-4 defense. Nicholas and Weatherspoon seemed to thrive in the role earlier in the season when we were experimenting with a hybrid 3-4. That said, I'd like to see some better depth on defense.

I think that we should aggressively address Tight end in free agency. I think that we should aggressively go after OLB or RG in free agency, and use a high draft pick on whichever one we don't land in free agency. Landing a NT should be our top priority. If Jonathan Jenkins falls to us, that's fantastic. If not, draft BPA in the 1st, leaning towards OLB or RG if we didn't address them in FA. If we don't land Jenkins, we need to land Geathers. He might be a reach as a 3rd rounder, but that's where I'd take him.

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That kind of impies that we are better suited to run the 3-4 than the 4-3 and we know that is not the case.

as far as personnel, we are not better suited for a 3-4, but in the coaching department we are better suited for a 3-4 and our personnel proved that by playing a 3-4 for a lot of the year. and im sort of taking into consideration where you can find these positions

Great teams are built starting with the lines. Put together a rock-solid O-line and D-line, along with solid backups, then move on to the "skills" positions.

agree 100%

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Defensive end is the gigantic need, or better yet, any help to the front 7. I think a RB would be great in the first round only if its Lacy, but Gillislee could be there in the 2nd or 3rd round as he is currently projected. It's a deep draft in our needs and we should get someone who could help immediately

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