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Mike Smith Or Mark Richt = Shorter Leash


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UGA fans won't admit it now, but they tore Richt a new one after the SC game. "We will never win the big one" was the cry. It looked 100% like the Mike Smith threads this AM. At the end of the year...well they were right for that season. He couldn't win the big one (never mind how good Alabama or SF are. Reality doesn't matter when judging HC success).

So, which of these guys has the shorter leash? They are similar in some ways. When the team is on a roll, they are talked up. When the team loses one big game, they are @$#%# slapped by their own fan base.

I know this is a Falcons forum, but this is 50% Falcons and it should be a fun debate.

My answer. Neither is even on the lukewarm seat yet. They both have plenty of slack.

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Well, to me. College Football is so corrupted. They need a true playoff system like the NFL. It's not a problem having a bad game the way we did against SC. However, it should not determine your season. You have to beat everyone in order to make it to the NC Game. As for Mike Smith. We have too many fans looking at what other coaches are doing. Mike Smith inherited a team at the bottom of the ocean. Look at the Harbaugh Brothers. Silver Spoons. Mike Nolan and Mike Singletary built the 49ers. Baltimore was in good shape when John came in. The same goes for Pete Carrol in Seattle.

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