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I'm Proud Of This Atlanta Falcons Team!

RI Falcon

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Don't get me wrong, I am extremely upset about falling 7 yards short of a Super Bowl. I shed a man tear, I won't hide it.

However, I am **** proud of this team, and what they accomplished this year. They played with heart and confidence, a statistic you can't keep track of on paper. Our coordinators turned this team into something special, and just think of what they can do with another year of their own picked players! We need a running back, and a few key pieces on defense, and surely a little offensive line help (although they played great this playoff run). Matt Ryan is one tough SOB that knows how to win, and I'm proud to have him as my quarterback. Mike Smith has turned this team from terribly inconsistent to contenders every year. Look at how teams fared firing head coaches that turned great regular seasons but didn't get it done in the playoffs. How are those Chargers looking without Schottenheimer? He's done a tremendous job with this team, and we are constantly knocking on the door thanks to him. Look at the Ravens, they have lost the AFC Championship game far too many times over the past couple years. However, they stuck with it, they kept their QB, they kept their head coach, and look what happens. They finally slam the door down and have a great shot at winning the Super Bowl. 49ers lost in the NFC Championship last year, and they knocked the door down this year (in a manner I choose not to think about). We have the pieces, we have talent on offense you aren't going to find anywhere else. As I said, a few pieces on offense and defense, and we can really have something special here.

I am wearing my Falcons jersey with pride to work today, and immediately after the loss I posted how proud I was of this team on Facebook. I live in Rhode Island, and my Facebook news feed was FULL of Patriots fans whining and bit***** about refs, Tom Brady, receivers, etc. as if the sky was falling. I see that a bit here, but New England is far worse. We constantly shut critics up all season, we got a HUGE monkey off our back with that first playoff win under this coaching staff. With these two new coordinators we are 1-1 in the playoffs.. and that's pretty **** good. We have a pick in the first round this time which is a step above last year as well.

I'm upset still, I won't deny it, but I am already excited for what next year is going to bring! I have faith in this coaching staff and our front office to make the proper moves to get us back for a chance at the Super Bowl next year. I am proud to be an Atlanta Falcons fan, and always will be.

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