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The Anatomy Of A Disappointed Fan


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Please note that this post is created with a little bit of sadness, sarcasm, and humor

Left the game last night in disbelief, shock, and disappointed. I've never been an arrogant or overconfident fan, but always had faith.

Started the game anxious and nervous. Similar feelng against The Aints at home. Never had a feeling though that we had this one in the bag. Nervous stomach throughout the entire game. Stomach was in knots during 2nd half. At one point, I got up as a sense of something "not right" came over me. I was pacing outside of my section and could not watch the tv screens. I knew just how serious it was when there were so few out of their seats. Then my head started to hurt and it happened...

Screams! Unfortunately they were from SF fans. And that's when I knew. This time just seemed different. I did not have the feeling of "we've been here before, we can do this"

So many chances, none of which we capitalized on.

Then it started, the stages of grief. Could this happen as a result of a football game? Really?!

Well, shock and denial. With 10 seconds left there was still hope. After all, I HAVE A DREAM! Which is now a dream deferred.

Then the pain and guilt. Did not return calls. Ate fried chicken which I'm not supposed to have. Went to bed after that. As much as I love football, could careless about the next game. Was this my fault? Every Smith-Ryan playoff game I've attended we lost. Sigh! I am overly emotional because I am a woman? Then why did I not cry?

Then the anger! I'm done with this team (lasted 5 seconds). I'm not watching the superbowl. It's all fixed! Wanted the 2 brothers to play against each other. Folks like the antics of Ray Lewis vs. the poise of Tony G.

Whle I know none of this is the case, I just had to go through the stages I guess. I am still feeling a bit of each. I've not had this feeling before....so odd. I was truly sick. Why? Why this game? Am I vested more than previous years? Still no answer.

Still not ready to talk about next season with anyone, have not watched any coverage, just heard on GMA about the bro-bowl.

I've not read any other threads yet, as I'm sure there are many. But needed this therapy...(-:

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