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Last Post Till Draft

Falcons Talon

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What a year!

Braves, how we lost. Chipper retiring.

Dawgs, how we lost.

Falcons, how we lost. Tony retiring..

Hawks, sorry, don't care.

Anyway, I enjoyed my interaction with you guys and appreciate the fact that for the most part, we seem to enjoy a lot in common.

With that said, good luck to our teams, and to you guys as well...we will be alright!

Roger... aka. Falcon Talon, broken :(

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Atlanta teams have the worst luck with officials. Infield fly on the Braves. The horrible called game 6 versus the Celtics last year with the hawks. And yesterday with the bad officially. Ahmad Brooks hits Matt slightly late and then rolls over him and nothing is called. Matthews barely touches Kaepernick helmet and he get a gamechanging penalty. WTF!

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