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Cant Run The Ball And Stopping The Run Came Back To Haunt Us!

E. T.

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The real reason we lost this game folks! We couldnt run the ball effectively and we couldnt stop the run... the tackling was horrid. All of this is what we saw all season long and our weaknesses got us pinned when it counted the most. Notice how we went away from the run in the second half, because it wasnt working! If it did, the niner offense would have been watching the whole second half from the sideline!

Their running game was clicking! They got it done! we didnt!!!

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Ive been a fan for about 35 years now... Im not one bit upset or bitter about this game or the team. Ive seen a lot ..ALOT of bad teams. This is a good team! It just needs some tweeks in the running game and on defense. We will be back! Give Nolan and Koetter the keys..they have already test drove it. Im sure they know what they need for next season!

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I agree completely. We lost this game in the trenches. I would bring Tony G back and I would bring McClure back for one more year, only as a back up. The one thing SF and Baltimore have in common is they have huge Offensive Lines. Next years OL I hope looks like this.

LT Baker

LG Blaylock

C Konz

RG Clabo

RT Holmes

That is some beef right there, especially along the right side.

I also think our DL needs a complete overhaul. We need some weight up front.

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I wish some fans would understand that we are right where we need to be. We have talent in players and coaches right now! We will be back!

This has been the best 5 season stretch ever and its only going to get better! We will be in the thick of things for a while....

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