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Draft Idea That Could Pay Huge Dividends


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I hope we trade our first round pick for a 2014 first round and pick up a second or a 3 rd in the process

The reason we need to do this is because we are becoming a team that will draft in the 26 - 32 range.

This would give us a chance to get a top 10 pick with our newly acquired 2014 First round pick that we could use to draft a top tier player.

Then we can repeat the process. The Patriots way and have 2 first round picks most years.

Plus you never know who ever we trade with might end up giving us the 1st over all pick and that would mean we would have a chance to get a guy like Clowney the smart way.

I also think that this can easily happen as there will be teams eager to move into the bottom of the first round to grab a QB and offer a first round pick next year.


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Since we have too many holes to fill to realistically contend immediately? Sure! I'd love to stock up future draft picks. We need to get younger.

If we moved out of the first round and picked up a second and next years first then we could still get a guy like Warford and still have our second round pick

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Considering we'll be drafting at #30, that seems highly unlikely that anyone would want to make that trade.

You never know alot of GMs and coaches know it could be their last year if they dont produce so they might not have the best long term intentions for their team come draft day. Its like a CEO looking at short term profits over the long term health of the company

We may also give up a 5th round pick in the deal but the plan would be to get someone desperate to move into the first and trade for their 2014 first round pick.

We need to be their making sure team know we would trade back to for the right price like the Pats do

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Nice name. I'm talking about to many holes to fill and getting younger.

Here ya go.


C: unless Konz can learn to settle down into his stance. He had a full off-season and a full regular season. He got better, but not good enough. His too-tall stance costs him leverage. Some people say he needs to hit the weights. That may or may not be a contributing factor, but no matter how beast he is, without leverage, he'll get rag-dolled like Hawley.

Well, maybe not quite that bad.

RG: Whether Konz moves to C or not, we need a more stalwart force than Konz gave us this year.

RT: Clabo has been sliding the past two years. Better to upgrade too soon than too late.

TE: Chase Coffman may be an adequate replacement, especially if we use Rodgers out of the backfield as the safety valve role TGon has been.

RB: I actually think we're good here. I've seen enough from Jaquizz Rodgers to sell me on him being an all-purpose back. Snelling as a #2.


The entire defensive line: none of them are anything more than adequate. Maybe Corey Peters? Everyone else has to go.

MLB: James' and both of Gore's TD's were gift wrapped by Akeem Dent. I don't want him on the team as depth. I don't want him at a nearby McDonalds.

CB: Dunta Robinson's "shoulder-block" tackling has cost us too much, too often. Grimes may or may not be back. Asante is aging.

S: DeCoud's tackling is not much, if any, better than Robinson's.

we already are contending. final 4 is contending. came up 4 points short. STFU

We contended in the season that just ended. The one we wasted. The one we squandered.

Next year:

No Tony Gonzalez.

If Abraham returns, he will be another year older and even more limited and fragile.

Turner will be gone (should have been gone already, but hey).

McClure will be gone.

Konz has not demonstrated the ability to get low enough to generate push in the run game.

The right side of the line is inadequate, and we have no one ready to step up as an upgrade.

Akeem Dent is horrible, and the three rushing touchdowns were all the same play, in his area of responsibility, and was nowhere to be seen.

The entire line not wearing #55 is barely adequate depth to just plain horrible.

Dunta Robinson is killing himself and us by not tackling properly.

Stephen Nicholas disappears. A human magic act!

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We don't have any skill positions that need to be filled that requires a top ten draft pick. All of the defensive players we need besides a DE is a late round draft pick. A proven pro pass-rusher should be signed through FA.

Trust me if we had a top 10 pick this year imagine the options like stud DE, DT or a guy like Warmack or Millner

Next year would be just as good ;)

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