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Guess What?

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This loss sucks, even more than any other loss. I've been a fan for 22 years now. And next year at this time, I'll be a fan for 23 years. The loss sucks, but I would rather go 13-3 in the reg season and at least have a CHANCE in the post season, then not make it at all. This team has gotten consistently better, and we'll be a force for some time.

Honestly, I'm not that upset about today. Probably should be, but I'm not. I know that we'll get a Lombardi. It's simply a matter of patience. Things didn't go our way today. Some were the players undoing, and some were the refs (not blaming or making excuses, but anyone who doesn't call the PI against Roddy is blind). We'll get there, and when we do, we won't think about this loss at all.

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I'm with you boss. I thought I'd be p*ssed right now, but I'm not. I think we'll regroup and have a stronger team next year. My football season is done today. Don't care for the pro bowl and don't think I can watch the Super Bowl unless one of the Harbaugh's decks the other in the mouth at the end when they shake hands. Lol

Just a question, but couldn't 2 penalties have been called on the play where Ryan threw to Snelling (I believe) and was driven to the ground and or a late hit to Snelling? I could be wrong but watching the game I was screaming for a flag

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