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Don't Like Kaepernick, Don't Like Flacco ...


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What reason do you have for not liking Kaepernick???

Just not a fan of how they did Alex Smith ... obviously it turned out to be a good decision, but as for Kaep himself ... I guess the same reason one dislikes Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, just not a fan. I like him better than Flacco, so that's somethig to hang your hat on.

not sour grapes, just don't find either team compelling as if Tony had gotten there or Tom Brady (for history) or Russel Wilson/RGIII being rookies.

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Ravens are my number two team and I like Flacco quite a bit. He's fun to watch. Kap is fun to watch when my teams don't play them. Harbaugh (Jim) was my fave QB back in the day. Liked his tude, smart guy too. I thought he would make a good coach. Been a Ravens fan since they were the Browns. Stuck with Modell after the change.

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