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What This Team Really Needs.....

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The fans the rally and support them. This is not the time for B*******! We lost by 4. We were up 17-0 at one point. We let them come back. 20-0 in the last game, and we let them come back. We lost, and you talk about how bad of a team we are. Give those guys credit, and move on. One thing we can say about those teams that are better. The fans overall.

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I agree but this message board gets so easily butt hurt about anything. If a player makes a mistake, then they are supposed to be fired then hung from a building in downtown atlanta so they can be publicly shamed for all eternity. Some people arent very realistic when it comes to football. No team has ever been perfect and we are far from perfect. But we made it to the championship game which tells me we are headed in the right direction.

These guys who are spouting all this ridiculous stuff, Im not sure if they are just bandwagon fans, trolls, or just really stupid people, but alot of them will go away pretty soon because of the offseason. We just have to be patient. lol

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