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Both Games Today Prove That X's And O's Don't Matter...


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as much as the Jimmys and the Joes. The 49ers just manhandled us in the trenches after we landed the first couple of punches.

The Ravens just took Belichik's clever gameplanning and Brady's finesse throws and shoved it up their rear ends. The Pats got zero pressure on Flacco and after the brief lead, Ravens' front-7 just pistol whipped the Pats O-line. With Suggs, Nanny McPhee Freddy Kruger in his face and deflecting passes, Brady looked like a rookie QB all day.

Both us and the Patriots got blanked in the 2nd half once the other guys figured out that bullying works.

We're gonna have to get some big dogs in the trenches or be stuck in mediocrity. Unlike the whiners, I feel that we CAN get it done.


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