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What Do We Need?

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Tequila shots and a good sense of humor....biggrin.png I will be sad till the superbowl game is over.. then I will be done mourning and looking forward to the draft and dreading the FA period...

those that are long time Falcons fans can take this kind of thing... those that are weak... toss tantrums and scream fire everyone. maybe they would rather have rex ryan as a coach i don't know..

I did hear a good one today.. the first intelligent thing that Mike Vick has said in a long time... he has no desire to go play for the Jets..

oh well.. GooooooooooooooooooooooFALCONZ!

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C: unless Konz can learn to settle down into his stance. He had a full off-season and a full regular season. He got better, but not good enough. His too-tall stance costs him leverage. Some people say he needs to hit the weights. That may or may not be a contributing factor, but no matter how beast he is, without leverage, he'll get rag-dolled like Hawley.

Well, maybe not quite that bad.

RG: Whether Konz moves to C or not, we need a more stalwart force than Konz gave us this year.

RT: Clabo has been sliding the past two years. Better to upgrade too soon than too late.

TE: Chase Coffman may be an adequate replacement, especially if we use Rodgers out of the backfield as the safety valve role TGon has been.

RB: I actually think we're good here. I've seen enough from Jaquizz Rodgers to sell me on him being an all-purpose back. Snelling as a #2.


The entire defensive line: none of them are anything more than adequate. Maybe Corey Peters? Everyone else has to go.

MLB: James' and both of Gore's TD's were gift wrapped by Akeem Dent. I don't want him on the team as depth. I don't want him at a nearby McDonalds.

CB: Dunta Robinson's "shoulder-block" tackling has cost us too much, too often. Grimes may or may not be back. Asante is aging.

S: DeCoud's tackling is not much, if any, better than Robinson's.

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Let's start with the Defense a TE and RB. I look at how we match up and we were able to put up an average of 25 points a game I'm thinking. We need some more D to give us a better cushion.

I disagree about TE and RB. Coffman looks serviceable, and Rodgers has shown me a LOT lately. Runs with power, quickness, and authority. Very capable receiving threat. A very strong blocker (remember his blitz pick-up that allowed Ryan to throw us back to a victory last week?).

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Grab a hoss interior o-lineman (Warmack maybe? But I don't like Alabama's history with o-linemen) with the first pick. Then load up on the D. I really don't think we need a RB. Rodgers has shown me all I need to see to be sold. Coffman also looks to be at least decent. With Julio and Roddy outside, all we need across the middle is pretty-good.

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