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2013 Free Agent List

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A lot of holes to fill and a lot of talent to sign/draft to make this a SB caliber team. Offenses win games, defense wins championships and our defense was bad vs. Seattle & San Fran. DE, DT, and MLB are a concern, but could be drafted in this defensive-heavy draft. Plus, with TG saying that he will retire we have a vacancy at TE (Coffman or a trade for Hernandez anyone?) and Konz will likely move over to center if McClure retires (hope he does), so that leaves a void at RG. HB is a concern too, but not as big as the others. Since we are now officially in the offseason, I thought I'd take a look at the 2013 NFL Free Agent list to see what will be available.


My top positions of need:

1. DE

2. DT

3. TE

4. MLB

5. RG

Thoughts and who are you interested in for FA's... I'm thinking DT Willie Young is a possible good pick up. He has shown a lot of talent in Detroit, but is buried behind Fairley and Suh. Osi is available too, but IDK about him...

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What about delanie walker as a option at TE

He'd be good he showed yesterday his ability to block and is a 4.4-4.5 40 guy to has good speed him in conjunction with Coffman Palmer and Gallarda would be good in my eyes.

I'd also have a look at Sammie Lee Hill he fits right in as a 43 run stuffing DT I think hes a guy that could go well here and won't cost alot of $$$.

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Jared Cook TE, Cliff Avril DE, Glenn Dorsey DT. Then, you still go DE/DT in the 1st/2nd. With that, you have a great DL rotation, an insurance policy for Abe if he gets hurt or declines, and TE is taken care of. Go LB/RB in the 3rd/4th, and we're all good.

as far as draft I'm all in on best player available ... especially if the Alabama rb is sitting there.

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