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I Hate The Roll Out Plays


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Are you serious? On 3rd down, That minimizes Matty's options once the receiver is covered. Also 49ers LB was all over Roddy on 4th down! BULLCRAP!!! This loss hurts more than a girl breaking my heart!

We need to focus on Defense next year!! A new RB like Giovanni Bernard late in the 1st! A DE who can actually rush the QB and get sacks! A fat 350 DT! A new LB who can make impact plays!!!

Rise up 2013!! We gonna get ours next year!

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agree with you on that roll out play, I've always hated it. But I actually don't remember the last time we ran that. Maybe I missed it, but it has been weeks since I remember seeing it. It's a wrinkle we worked on for a specific situation this week and one SF probably didn't gameplan for since we had not used it in a while. So I really don't have too much problem with calling it in that spot. Even if it didn't work, everybody knew we were going for it on 4th.

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