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Matt Ryan Needing Mri/x Ray Done On His Shoulder


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Screw the Pro Bowl but the play he got hurt should've been 15 yard penalty, especially if barely touching Kaepernick's facemask was 15.

that is exactly what I don't such bull with that call, matt ryan got hit WELL after he threw that ball and nothing, Matthews graze his facemask and its 15 yarder come on.

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Shoulda, woulda, coulda it's over. The pro bowl might not mean much to you but to some it's an accomplishment.

Interestingly, Tony G said that he likely won't go play. Guess he would rather end it all with a championship game, even if it was a heart-breaker.

As for Matt, sure hope he's alright. Has some time to heal up anyway. sleep.png

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