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it bothers you only because i think you guys expected to see less from him. alot of people viewed him as a one trick pony who could only run, but he won using his arm and his intelligence at the line of scrimmage. What should bother you is the offense putting up 17 points and then the rest of the team allowing us the oppurtunity to get right back into the game.

If Kap was wearing a falcon jersey, it wouldnt bother you even in the slightest.

It's this. Too many fans made baseless assumptions about the kid, forgetting that he is the only guy in college football history with 10,000 passing yards and 4000 rushing yards, forgetting that since he began starting, he has been NUMBER ONE in the NFL in Total QBR (that's right, ahead of Brady, Ryan, Rodgers, Brees, and every other elite QB). It is the surprise at seeing that 49er fans were right about him: he is a DIFFERENT kind of animal. Look at the film, and look at the stats. Next season Kaepernick will be discussed among the best.

What are you going to focus on to stop? He can beat you in every conceivable way physical, and he's also talented between the ears. Mark my words now, next year Kaepernick will step into the "elite" level of quarterbacks, and will be universally recognized as such. Some guys were just completely caught off guard, because they didn't really follow him beyond one game, and simply assumed the one game was a fluke.

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