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Organization Differences: New England Vs Atlanta

New Hope Eagle

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I keep hearing how we want to immulate the NE football organization but there are some things we simply dont do.

NE expects their players to perform. Mediocrity is not an option. If not, they cut them.

weve done it only once. Mr edwards.

NE picks up pieces and turns them around. Aqib is great example. we dont.

NE puts players best players on the field without regard to their feelings. we dont.

(HD for franks ring a bell.)

NE doesnt put on the brakes when they have a big lead, they pour it on. We dont. (look at last 2 games for recent examples)

It is basically known up front that if you wear the patriot uniform and dont perform you will not be around very long.

NE drafts to their needs and gets players that are expected to contribute immediately. we dont. we are getting better, but a 3rd rounder on O that plays zero all year. Holmes

I feel that as an organization we are moving in right direction, but NE did it almost overnight years ago.

Anything I am overlooking just let me know.....

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