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Mike Smith The Bobby Cox Of The Nfl?

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Smith is the coach of the Falcons, nothing more. I know it is easy and lazy to try and draw paralells and pigeon hole the Caoch and players but the last 5 years we have destroyed every cruse that hung over this franchise. Smith is our coach and this is our team and it has nothing to do with previous Falcons teams and certainly not previous Braves teams.

Bandwagon fans and the media need to stop being lazy, you can't just pigeon hole a team like this and put us in a boxed in little category cause your to lazy to see everything good about this current Falcons team.

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That's the spirit.....let's waste all our talent on both sides of the ball for a decade and hope an inept head coach can atleast win one championship out of ten years......Jesus.....this is the same loser mentality from this franchise I am sick of

I am joking you moron. Who are you gonna replace Smith with? Do you think all these good coaches just became good for no reason? No!!! They all went threw crap and failure to finally win. The Ravens coach has always choked in the AFC title game. He might win today might not. Would you fire him? **** NO!!! Smith is good. WE JUST NEED like 4 more players to get over the hump. You are just in after game lose shock. youll be back in 1 month. lol

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