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I'm Trying To Watch The Pats And Ravens But


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I won't be watching the super bowl - for the first time since 85.

Strange, but in one of Atlanta's best ever seaosn, my interest in the NFL has really nosedived this season, and I've watched very few games. I'm just so sick of the constant media hatred, that it has made me question whey I even bother following the game, when they can't even show my team a basic level of respect when they do well. I'm convinced that the NFL and its broadcast partners, pander to and are biased towards the big market teams, whichmakes me wonder whetehr the NFL would ever allow a team like Atlantato win a title.

In previous years, I would have been a ball of nervous energy and bag lof nerves for days leading up to a game like this, but I really haven't been that excited or bothered by the last 2 games.

Maybe my love of the game will return by next season, but right now I really don't know.

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