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I Love Matt Ryan

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but his errors in the second half cost us this game; especially the muffed snap. That play was huge since we were already in field goal range on that drive. Meaning that a field goal would have given us the win on the last drive.

Defense almost bailed us out but the Matthews penalty was deadly. They stopped them again on the fumble but the field position was terrible which lead to a td anyway. Can't blame him so much for this one but Bosher was terrible in the playoffs and didn't save us with a great punt.

I don't blame the coaching or defense. Our mighty offense went scoreless in the second half. One touchdown and we're headed to the super bowl.

I'm not saying Matt is a bum either. He played great for most of the game but I'm sure even he would say there were 2 or 3 mistakes he made that basically lost the game.

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