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20-0 And 17-0

Kilgore Trout

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lets hear it for the offense that scored 7 points in a whole half!!!

Thank you. I'm a little sick and tired of everyone blaming the D.

Yes, the D let more guys score than a New Orleans girls during Mardi Gras, but the offense ALL YEAR couldn't score a point in a 2nd half.

Koetter formula to play calling:

Build up a lead in first half

Come out in 2nd half, and don't do a single play that was successful in the first.

wait until last 30 seconds of game, and let Ryan try to pull off a miracle.

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Our whole team sucks and it starts with Smitty

I really want to know what this guy says to this team at halftime.

"Alright guys, **** of a first half, **** of a first half but it's time to switch it up now men! Don't cover anyone! Don't tackle anyone! Turn the ball over! Go out there, and prove to the entire world, gentlemen, that they were right! Lost this thing on 3!!!"

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I love reading all your dumba$$ messages, just shows how dumb all of you are, if Ryan wins the game last minute you ride his jock! We had a chance. Refs decided no PI needed to be called and the rest is history, considering we had no chance and the 9ers didn't cover the spread lets you know the NFL had these plans way in advance

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