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Who Sucks More: Joe Buck Or Cris Collinsworth?


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Definitely Chris Collingsworth. But you know who sucks more than Collingsworth? Bob Costas and that's a fact. They both need to retire from the entertainment business because they don't entertain and are opinionated and trying to shove it down everyone's throat.


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I have never understood why so many people have such strong opinions about announcers. Some one asked me once what I think about sports announcers, and I replied I don't.

I have never heard any bias. I have heard the ones doing well at the moment get slobbered all over ad nausem, but that has also happened with the Falcons' players as well at times.

As far as pointing out the obvious, they have to call a game as if a person has little football knowledge. We know football and assume everyone does, but there are millions of new fans and young kids just learning the game. If you know your stuff, you know it and there is no damage by pointing out the obvious, but if they overlook the obvious and a new fan or kid is left confused about what just happened, not only have they failed their job as announcers, they are not teaching the game to the newcomers. Just my opinion.

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