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Lets Do This Y'all!

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It's time fellow falcons fans! The time is upon us. What we've been waiting for all year is now right within our grasp. The time for talk is over, time to put up or shut up. Time to lay it all on the line, whatever superstitions you have, whatever routines you have, get them going now!

Our team has worked all year for this opportunity. Are we going to accept defeat now? He-ll no! This is what every fan of every team dreams of! This moment, for it does not come often. This fan base, this team, this CITY has been tortured for far too long. It's time to not only change things, but to shake them mofos up!!!

I know I'm ready. I've been ready my whole life. Are y'all ready? From the rooftops of the Georgia dome even though yes it's a dome but it's about to be an open stadium because all the falcon faithful will blow the roof off of that beezy! I don't only want a no voice Monday or Tuesday I want a hoarse, no voice 2 weeks! All the way to the Super Bowl! We can do this! It's time everyone to RISE THE FU-CK UP!! Take what's ours and win this NFC championship and move on to the promised land!

To quote Bud Light: HERE WE GO!!

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