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Spoke To Lawrence Sidbury Yesterday At Work (Real Story)


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I work at Mall of Georgia Ford. We often get quite a few Falcons players here. Coach Smith comes in a lot, Brady Ewing was here last year getting a new F-150 (really cool guy).

Well yesterday while I was walking the lot, a friend of mine had a customer come in. A few moments later he walks up to me and says "He dude, the big guy over there has to be a Falcons player or somthing. Can you go and see who it is without being obvious." Well, of course I recognized him instantly. Sidbury, his dad and mom were at the Dealership (his dad was looking for an XLT F-150) car shopping.

Long story short, I got to spend a few moments alone with Sid and I asked him a few question in general. NO I DID NOT ASK HIM ABOUT HIS LACK OF PLAYING TIME.

Q: That was a crazy game for us as fans - I KNOW it had to feel even more demoralizing for you guys as players.

A: Thing is, people gotta understand its the playoffs and that was a really good time. We knew those boys would respond and they did. You got dudes out there playing for money incentives and that ring.

Q: I hope Mike (Nolan) has somethin up his sleeve for Kaep.

A: Its gonna be a **** good game, thats all I can say (we both laughed).

Q: How ready are yall for sunday?

A: Very ready.

Thats all I could get in before the convo shifted back to trucks... Just thought I'd post this. This is a true story btw no fake or gimmicks. Really cool guy not to big though. Wish he'd get more of a chance to play.

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looks like he's buyin his dad a truck while he still has some good checks coming in, I don't see him being here next year no more than he's been used. The talk one we hired Nolan, was he was the type of player that Nolan could 'get the most out of'. Haven't seen that happen. doubt Sid comes back, really liked him, wish him well

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